British Entrepreneur/Looter Uses Google Maps to Identify Targets



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Lead roofs aren't as common now because lead is so dangerous. Too much roof licking and you go crazy or worse. There a still a lot in Britain which is a contributing factor to their eccentricity. In Canada, where we have asphalt shingles, you just get a sore tongue from the rough texture but in Britain, you go mental.



Lead roofs? Wtf? Doesn't sound like the most thermally sound roofing material.


Keith E. Whisman

Actually lead is used alot. Those pipes you see coming out of your roof are made of lead. The lead is extremely maliable and is easy to contour. Lead is used to seal seams in your roof around pipes that come out of the roof and around your roof AC unit and vents. All lead. 

I used to work as a night watchman at a roofing company and I used to inspect the materials everynight so that I would know if anyone messed with the stuff and the actual roofers answered all the questions I asked of them.

Now back in the day befor we had shingles, roofs were covered in thin sheets of lead because it's cheap and easy to work with and it doesn't rust the way tin rusts. Lead seems to last alot longer. And you can paint the lead roof with lead based paint. So then you would have a colored lead painted lead roof. 

And also toy soldiers used to be made of lead and bullets are still made of lead with a copper and tin coating known as a jacket but your pencils no longer use lead because that would be bad. 



My question is, how much freaking lead is on the roofs of places?  It's not exactly the most environmentally wise thing to have all over the place.



Clearly, this is the most compelling evidence yet all information should be banned. Down with knowledge!


Keith E. Whisman

LOL... I'm scared. Mr. Government please protect me and take control of everything.


Keith E. Whisman

Good Grief it looks like Christ is a Detective in the London Police department. 

Christ has returned and he is a cop in England.


I just wanted to touch on this here that it looks like that dude is suffering from lead poisoning. I can't back that up as I don't know what it looks like but it sure does sound funny. 

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