Brief Dropbox Error Allowed Access to Anyone's Account



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People are rather silly to fully trust any corporation.  I've always operated my Dropbox under the assumption that any Dropbox employee could view all the contents of my Dropbox at any time.  As such, I encrypt sensitive material and only put it up there if it's absolutely necessary or provides me with enough utility that it's worth it (keepass database for example).

I've always treated Dropbox as very suspect.  What do they get by offerring me 2+GB of free storage?  Are they analyzing my files and building some kind of profile on me that they can sell to Choicepoint or whoever?  I have no idea, but I can't deny that it's a service that I find incredibly useful.

This news just galvanizes my concerns.



Good idea, but you should have the idea that ANYONE could access your data....cuz that's exactly what happened.

I have yet to use Dropbox(even though I have it installed on everything).

However I never did trust "the cloud". After this stunt Sugarsync is looking worlds better.



Skynet drops a bomb from the cloud. Warned you



I got a better question, how the F did this even happen? You could log into ANYONE'S Dropbox with ANY password? What did they just erase all permission rules?!?

Even Sony's PSN was more secure than that....



There's nothing wrong with cloud storage.  using something like Amanda backup to Amazon S3 is perfectly reasonable, so long as you take sole responsibility for encryption and verification of your content.  Setting up Amanda is remarkably easy and remarkably flexible, and Amazon S3 is a drop-in replacement (or addition) to disk-or-tape-based archival.



This doesn't change my opinion on cloud storage, because I personally don't store anything on dropbox that'd be worth taking. And if I did, I'd use truecrypt first to make it secure on my own terms.



Never had much faith in the cloud anyway. This just reaffirms my position.



LOL, spammers. "Wonderful." Yup, people's Dropboxes left wide open are just "Wonderful." /sarcasm

'kay, don't these spammers know they will have very little to no success on scamming on a tech site? Maybe a site where you have a lot of uninformed and naive people, like Nickelodeon or Better Homes & Gardens, but a tech site mainly comprised of net-savvy people? I know it might be automated and all, but they're just wasting bandwidth and CPU cycles on us. Either that or someone has TOO MUCH time on their hands and needs to get a life. They need to understand that they need to stop this bullsh*t, or at the very least, stop targeting people who are *definitely* not going to fall for their scams.

/end of rant


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