Breakthrough in NAND Flash Memory Could Lead to 10GB/s SSD Writes



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give it about 5 years before WE see it...



Finally the speed of RAM for SDD on existing chips i want that! 



The brain stores memories by connections, each memory has connections to others and you think by following along these connections and making new ones. Thus when it said that you are using 10% of your brain it means you are following 10% of all the connections you have and not that 90% of your brain is completely wasted. Also storing computer data in your mind would play hell with your conscious since you would have information that either doesn't make sense or wasn't created by your mind thus making you insane if not comatose.

It's also the way computers current store and operate on data, since the processing and storage are separate when a computer processes something it either uses unused memory to store the result or erases something that exists unlike your brain which just makes a few new connections and rarely erases anything. Sometimes connections do disappear though.

 If you want to store information through biology I would go more towards geneticaly engineering a brain like organism specifically for that purpose instead of trying to store it in human brains.

 The comment is less like going from sail boats to steam boats and more like trying to go from sail boats to scram jet powered planes. 

Edit: this was supposed to be in response to keith E. whisman, but got changed to a regular comment when I logged in for some reason. 



i knew that 6GB/s would be worth something soon!

doesn't change that this stuff will be somewhere in the million dollar range compared to my stuff, but a man can dream, right?


Keith E. Whisman

Sounds awesome and with lower voltage comes less heat and less heat means better performance and longer life for electronics. Electronics hate heat. Insulators work far better in lower temps and the there is less waste so it's great.

BTW I was thinking why don't we figure out a way of tapping into our brains as a sort of organic hard drive? Humans barely use 10% of their brains why not use some of the unused parts for data storage? We can already interface our brain waves with computers to control the characters in a few proof of concept games. This isn't new science either. I think it's pretty cool. 

Perhaps the storage in our brains is too slow to load alot of data but I did learn through speed reading books by Evelyn Woods that your brain collects data faster than your conscious does. 


Keith E. Whisman

Man if you worried about details all the time we would still be riding horses and relying on steam to power our lives. Perhaps data can be input via audio and visual methods racing along and stored in the subconcious to be restored vie a USB3 port in the arm pit or something like that. Hell they can already connect a digital camera to the brain to give the blind eyesight so if they can do that I doubt there is very much humans aren't capable of doing. It is believed that the brain stores information accurately in the subconcious for pretty much the length a lifetime. It was widely believed that Alheimer victims permanently lost all memory to the disease but that it shoing not to be true as some Alsheimer patients can be treated and all of the memories return. People have gone into brain dead states for years with zero brain activity and then one day the victim wakes up and retains all of his memories. The fact is that we don't know everything about the human body and our brains as things are proven opposite of popular medical thinking.

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