BREAKING: HP Boots Leo Apotheker, Appoints Meg Whitman CEO



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... They hired her?

So if those Jerry Brown ads against her were true, I don't know what to say about HP.


Holly Golightly

Gosh... Lets hope HP did not pick a Carol Bartz. Poor Yahoo... Hopefully HP makes a smart choice than they did with Leo Apotheker


Keith E. Whisman

web os was the worst decision and should have been enough for share holders to demand a new ceo. using web os for tablets was a terrible idea as android was, is, and will for the foreseeable future be the os of choice for tablets. as soon as they dropped android in favor of web os I knew it was the end and my comments on the matter can be read. Im glad to see the guy go. a fucking computer company that doesnt make and or sell computers is just insane. I dont even acknowledge ibm anymore ever since they quit making computers.



Not acknowledging IBM because they don't manufacture consumer PCs is silly. IBM is four times larger than HP. Feel free to continue not acknowledging them, they do not care.

HP did not acquire Palm when Leo was there; that was Hurd's decision. WebOS works about as well on a tablet as Android does. That's not a compliment to either OS, by the way.



Apotheker had nothing to do with the decision to purchase Palm, or implement WebOS on tablets (and there is nothing wrong with WebOS as a tablet os, as it is mch more robust than Android and iOS) as it was the previous CEP that made that decision. The problem with HP's tablets are that they are under powered and have crappy hardware. IBM does make computers, they are called SERVERS. So I take it that you do not acknowledge Microsoft either, or Adobe, Google, all computer companies that do not make computers.



Oh god, I almost threw up last night's dinner in my mouth.


I Jedi

Very intardasting

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