Brazil Files Lawsuit Against Twitter, Says DUI Checkpoint Accounts Must Go



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I'm so tired of people (whether they're government officials or just individuals) just doing what they feel is right instead of looking at the situation, assessing the variables and doing what makes SENSE.

If you want to have an athletic build and be in good shape, what should you do? Eat McDonald's 3 days a week like Fat Albert at your office? Or should you maybe get a personal trainer, read some fitness and bodybuilding books and eat better? Most people would say the latter. Same for becoming wealthy.. do you get up into your eyeballs in debt and spend every penny you have, or maybe invest and read some money books? Probably the latter again. If you want to raise a country out of poverty and treat your citizens with respect (respect that hopefully they will reciprocate by paying their taxes being law abiding citizens), do you clamp down and go after them for speaking out against your excessive policing or just leave them alone? Exactly.

I'm not trying to say any country is better than any other.. but look around, Brazil. Do any other of the world's industrialized nations do what you're trying to do? Not that I'm aware of.. if they've tried, they haven't done it yet. You've got bigger fish to fry than people warning other motorists about your speed traps and DUI checkpoints. Maybe you should focus on your drug based economy and horrible crime rates before focusing on what people Tweet?



This just reminds me how much power there is in numbers. Go 99%! Go Twitter! Fu** youuuu Brazil!

You think governments are scared of social media!? They should be.



Since the article says that under Brazilian law the tweets disclosing police checkpoints are illegal, it seems to me they should be looking to prosecute the tweeters, not Twitter. That would be like fining the telephone company because someone used a phone call in the process of committing a crime, which likely happens every single day in pretty much every country in the world.



Or Twitter could just tell Brazil to go scratch its ass.



Hey Brazil, why don't you focus your efforts on extracting that oil bonanza that was discovered off your coasts a while back, instead of moaning about Twitter?

This is pointless anyhow: Even if Twitter caves and closes the accounts that the Brazilian cops report, the engaged citizens will create new accounts, and the cops will always be one step behind. I thought this was common knowledge, but we ARE dealing with a government here :(



I'd very much like to know what Brazil would do if Twitter would just thumb their collective nose at them -- which I wish they'd do.



Oh man, this would set a very scary legal precedent. Twitter provides a service. Who says they are to be held responsible for how their users use that service. Isn't that similar to holding ISP's responsible for their users downloading copyrighted material? Where is this crap going to end? The world is heading down a path of restricting/revoking people's rights and it scares the hell out of me. I guess ol' George Orwell got it right with his dystopian novel, "1984".



And the thing is Brazil can't really do shit about it. Facebook can just say fuck off we are a US company and that will be that. The worst that happens is Brazil censors them which will piss people off. Personally I think the violence taking place in Brazil is a bigger issue.

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