Brando's "Tube Delight" isn't What You Think



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this is a horrible product, its small and you have to connect it from the bottom (making it hard to set up right on anything besides a notebook) and it changes all your sound settings; which is a pain when you remove it from your USB port... IMO dont buy this....



I just ordered one, will give a review when i get it - i wanted something like this for my mic and head phones so i dont have to navigate the back of the comp


Joe D

I don't want a bright light shining on my screen of my labtop when I'm playing games. This would be more of a distraction then a nifty little sound maker thingy. 


"World of Warcraft is real life but with Night Elves and Orcs" quoted by my brother



 "with a fade-in-out blue LED for power-on and idle status indication". From that line alone, it inidicates that while there's audio going through the sound device, the LED is off. So while you're gaming, there's no LED on.


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well, it looks sexy.

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