Bragadocious Lenovo Reports Record Year, PC Shipments Booming



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they shouldn't measure "PC sales" as typical retail PC sales. Last time I "bought" a PC like that was some 12 years ago or so. They should measure it by # of processors sold, as a lot of people (don't know if the majority, but a big chunk) build their computers (or ask their cousin Joe to build them a computer)



That's a good point. That is a lot of computer builds being lost under the radar. And with the way Intel changes their socket, it would be a good indicator. I'd love to see the numbers on processors sold to individuals.



I recently bought a Lenovo Y470 laptop... and I think that it is great! It was also 40% less than a comparable gaming laptop anywhere else, including Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy. I think that Lenovo has a great quality/price ratio. I had a Dell that was OK too and lasted a few years, but all three HPs that I have had (given to me, not purchased) where horrible. I would buy again from them.



Yes, but......have they finally done away with that ridiculous "pointing stick"???



On my thinkpad, I use the pointing stick 95% of the time. In fact, the external mouse I bought for it sits in the closet gathering dust most of the time.



The pointing stick is still my favorite input method for a notebook. And no, they have not. Thankfully.



Before someone starts complaining about the proper definition of Post-PC era, people have been saying for years, that the desktop is on it's way out, being replaced by laptops. Now they are saying the same thing about laptops and tablets. But these people are still using real PCs. I like the "PC+ era" much better. When I want to get real work done, I'm on my desktop, or using my laptop with a second monitor. I like Lenovo computers, and my next laptop will either be one of theirs or Asus. Good to know people are picking up on quality brands.



As long as they make PC components people will continue to buy them. Most of the time people just think of the average consumer and forget about all the businesses that could not function with tablets. I guess I count notebooks as a "PC", because it is mostly the same thing, just more compact. For a while my work computer was a notebook.

I will NEVER replace my PC. The only way I'd abandon it is if they stopped making parts and that's not going to happen.



Don't worry. I won't be ranting about the definition of post-PC this time. I would just like to say this instead: if post-PC is understood as "no-PCs/obsolete" then I wish we were living in a post-Dell era. (I f___ing hate Dell.)



Lenovo is growing because it has a good reputation of reliability. Unlike some other brands I won't name.

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