BPI Asks Google to Remove Infringing Links from Search Results



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Just my opinion. I believe that the most powerful search engine must remain as neutral. Reason is simple. If it begins censoring, then other search engines will definitely take over it and it would be much more difficult to track down copyright infringement or illegal content detection. I'm optimist that copyright problem will be solved sometime in a reasonable way by a way of natural purification. Am I too optimistic? maybe... :-) But it is clear that the situation will be much worse if Goole censors. I strongly believe that HIDING is NOT a solution, and it only makes things worse. Imagine a cancer patient, and an MRI scanner. I almost feel like that censoring is similar to removing cancer detection algorithms from the MRI.


Michael Ellis




 I'm interested in how Google plays this one out...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



So is it just me or did everyone else read British Pornographic Idustry? I need some coffee



I did too.. also in dire need of caffine. Did make for a good laugh though.  As for the request, completely rediculous.  You can't ask a serch provider to censor its results.  If the BPI has a problem with sites that offer illegal downloads it needs to target those sites specifically.  Don't shoot the messanger, man.



Google starts censoring things upon request like this, then the internet will start its downfall.

Google IS "a neutral indexer of the web", and ALWAYS should be.



They'll never censor their results



Is the best thing for everyone



This is very similar to something that is going on in other places in the world... I can't think of the place's name, oh wait, North Korea. You can either not censor the net or you have to censor all of it, there is no in between. There is no way you can ask Google to censor it's searches, that's not what Google does. Blaming Google for pirated material coming up in their searches is like blaming an indy car designer for designing a car that goes too fast. Google, like the designer, just came up with the most reliable, safe product they could, its all about how the end user uses it that could get them in trouble.

 If Google does give in the Internet as we know it will be gone in 5 years with every producer and their mother getting in on the suing act and the book 1984 will be ever closer to being correct. 

 Just some food for thought...



Not the best analogy, as Google isn't the creator of those websites. It's more like asking a map maker to not include certain locations on their map.

Personally, I prefer Google remained as neutral a party as it can.



I like your analogy a lot better than mine, but im glad we agree on net neutrality.



I like your analogy better, the one about the map

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