Boxee Officially Kills Off Desktop Apps



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I don't understand all the hate in the comments on Boxee? It's a great HTPC software.

I own the box as well. It's great little machine.

It's not like you won't be able to find this software else where. And if don't like it don't use it



Okay so I haven't been using these front ends for too long. Within the last 2 years was the first time I had used any of them at all. I initially tried all of the major front ends.. WMC, Boxee, Plex, and XBMC. Back then Boxee seemed ahead of the curve. It was more flashy than anything else. It also did a great job cataloging my media. Well I just tried the most recent release of boxee and I must say that I wasn't the least bit impressed. For whatever reason it just doesn't have the appeal that it used to. Probably because I'm now more familiar with what the other front ends bring to the table. I use Windows Media Center on Xbox 360 as an extender on the rooms that have Windows Media Center. While I do not like how it catalogs media I have found that it is the best overall application to run w/a tv tuner. The guide feature and dvr functionality is spot on and is hands down the best on the market. One computer with a tv tuner means I can stream cable to every room of my house via the xbox 360s I have. I also have an HTPC. On that HTPC I use XBMC. There are so many different ways to customize it that everyone should be happy with it. Also with all the extra repositories the thing works perfect and brings all the features anyone could ever want.



My home theater PC is amazing. I can do anything on it - the reason Boxee for PC sucked is because it SUCKED.



Did anyone else have major stability/UI issues with Boxee and Media Center remotes? That was a big turn off for me.

Oh well. Can't say I'm surprised. Like Captain_Steve says, why give it away when you can charge for it along with some marked up over-priced hardware?



Funny, considering how pathetic and bug ridden their Boxee Box device is. Wonder if full resources would actually help anything or make it worse.



Do you own one? I have for the last year and it's become a very polished product that I've never had problems with and organizes and plays my movie collection very well.



Probably just taking a page from the Apple playbook; why give away the software when you can sell the hardware at a decent mark-up.



Very true!

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