Boxee Gets New Funding to Keep Being Awesome



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"he money keeps rolling in for Boxee, a browser-based streaming media service who managed to attract $4 million last November."


A Browser-based media service? What are you smoking? Can I have some?

I know its hard to keep up with technology and terms, but browser-based usually means its a web-app that runs inside a web browser.


Now I know boxee added its own built-in browser to try and stream hulu, but that doesn't mean its browser-based.

Are you guys playing buzzword bingo in the office and who ever gets the most buzzwords into their articles wins?




browser!=web browser

Browsers can be file, web, or other types.





If you say browser based espically with a hypen, like in the article, anyone who breaths through their nose will associate that term with a Web Browser. 

I understand there are other types of browers, but the term Browser-based specifically refers to Web Browsers. Don't be pedantic.


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