Boxee Drops Hulu Support After Networks Demand Removal of Content



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Hulu says that it is listening to its content providers because "THAT IS HOW THEY PAY THE BILLS TO MAKE IT FREE TO YOU" 

 How is that a bad thing?  They do what they can to protect themselves and keep themselves available to you for free, and folks call it bending over and selling out.  Nice.



Jason Kilar, Hulu's CEO says: "We are the content providers' bitch and do nothing to disguise the fact."


Keith E. Whisman

I was just getting interested in HULU. I was able to watch the past episodes of B ull S hit Galactica you know that episodes where I was hoping the fleet would destroy itself but nope. The episodes for the coupe. 

I really don't see anythinng wrong with having a browser window open to watch content but I understand some people don't like that. With a browser window it's actually easier to capture the stream for recording on the PC.  



It was a typo about that beta buisness, read on a bit and they say the windows beta should be out in a few months.



Funny thing is I was just going to try Boxee, but now I'm discouraged! The article states that it is in Beta when the Boxee site says it is still in Alpha, either way, too young, too much, too fast! I guess for the Empire! Hope this makes it!



Does anyone know if this can work with Tversity?

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