Boxee Box Beats Out Sales Expectations



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Those of your readers, who are trying to select which Digital Media Receiver is right for them, may be interested in this research into consumer perceptions. It shows that Apple TV (2010) provides their customers with the most consistent positive experience when compared to Roku or Boxee Box. Here is the link to the details

You can check reputation of other products if you go to, enter the product name or number (like "Western Digital WD TV"), select a model from the dropdown and click on "Submit" button. The system will aggregate and analyze customer reviews to calculate the reputation metrics for you and will let you read the reviews if you want to.




I have a Boxee Box. Bought with anticipation of both Netflix and Hulu, well at least Hulu Plus, all on one platform with a great 10-foot remote.

I'm not returning it. As a streaming device the frame rates and clarity are quite good with HDMI, but I'm missing Netflix and Hulu Plus, both of which are promised but not yet delivered. Content providers are blocking the Boxee Box even for content that is readily streamable by computer with Boxee software. This is really a specialized computer, but they can tell and block Boxee Box.

Setup was ridiculously easy. This is a major advantage. The interface and remote really don't require any instruction. There's a role for simplicity, though I liked an earlier generation of the software better, the current one probably is more marketable because of that simplicity.

As of today, I'd probably be inclined towards a dual core netop box with a decent remote, like Lenovo's, but I haven't given up on the Boxee Box. What issues I have are more with the restrictions by content providers, and not Boxee's fault. Cable companies' business models are really threatened by the streaming on-demand model. For me it's a natural extension of Tivo and time shifting. With streaming, you don't even have to record. But it's early in the game. Boxee has at least staked out some ground in the fight. I'm impressed with the hardware. The software has a lot of commercial appeal for its simple, mostly intuitive interface. I can't get all the content I want yet. But other streaming devices face similar challenges and I'm not interested in the Apple TV pay per view model.



They may be blocking content in the US but not here in canada all tv shows are linked to stations near where i live you are also forgetting boxee can access ANY site on the internet.

Netflix should be working soon btw lookup navi-x and install the app you will be suprised how much content is there.




Let's wait how many people will be dissapointed by this product and how many will return it .



"D-Link is seeing sales exceed stock volumes and is considering selling the device through Best Buy by the end of the year"

They have been selling them for months at best buy, I bought one i like it some of the reviews on it are laughable they expected low res video to look good at 1080p ,no device out on the market can do that 320x200 video will look terrible no matter what.

1080p looks amazing on it most reviewer does not realize that this device streams video from your pc, external usb hd, SD Card.


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