Bought a Scratch-Prone iPod Nano? Get Some Scratch (Money, That Is) from Apple



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Yay! I have a first gen nano!  It was my brother's, but he busted the screen.  I am electronically inclined enough to fix the screen, but unfortunatly it is at another place locked up for the winter.  Not gonna lie, I think this is really stupid, who cares about scratches, but then again, a free $25 from apple?  Its not like they haven't already sucked a shit ton of money out of people.....



Ironically, I can't read my serial number because of scratches. 



this is certainly a great reason to bring a company to court...


what a bunch of morons.


some apple hippy has to have a protective coating so there are no scratches. don't give a $hit about whether it works, how well it works... no



If my experience with iPods is any guide, few people still have 1st generation Nanos. They're all broken or lost by now.


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