Boston Power's Long-Lived Batteries Now Available with HP Laptops



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Seriously? $150 for a battery?


You'd be much better off to go with the cheaper (1 year) battery, then replace it in a year (and again the year after that).  That would probably be a total cost output of $70 or less--if your laptop even lasted that long. 


Don't get me wrong, I'm all for doing some good for the environment, but it's not like we've all got money to burn these days. 



Three 6-cell battery for 70 dollar?!?!?! WHERE!?!?!



The first one comes with your computer, so doesn't count toward the $70.


By the time you're buying the second, your laptop (and battery) is a year old, so finding a reasonable battery on ebay shouldn't be difficult.  The last time I replaced my laptop battery (in December) it was about $35 on ebay.


By the time you purchase the third battery, your laptop is two years old, so $35 batteries ought to be growing on trees.

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