Bose Brings Three New In-Ear Headphones to Market



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I had a pair of Bose earbuds and it was by far the most painful thing I've ever put into my head.  They didn't even sound that good, and the damn things cost me a hundred bucks.  I switched to UltimateEars for my iPhone and haven't looked back.



The Bose do sound sweet though.  Price is high, but the build quality is excellent.  The mic is not too great though.  Seems they improved on the earpiece from thier previous line... the little ear hook should offer a better hold while running.



How can you say that these are "reasonably priced" without any mention of sound quality or isolation. Bose products are always overpriced for what you get, so if they are reasonably priced at $100, then how do you describe the $50-$75 IEMs that sound the same or better.

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