Borders Sets Lofty Goal for New eBook Store



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Didn't the CEO of Borders just resigned last year because he saw no hope of reviving the struggling chain?



Ahh, more choices as to buy books for my nook.  You kindle owners need not apply.  I love having multiple sites to check for ebooks to find the best price.  Cause I'm not paying over 10 bucks for an ebook. 



What other sites do you use to check for ebooks other than b&n and now borders?



The ereader site is good, at books are pretty close to normal price but you earn what you pay into it as "credit" that makes buying multiple books cheaper. is about the same as the ereader site. also sometimes has good deals, and of course there is b& and now  Mainly I buy from B&N and but I do look at the others in hopes of finding a sale or better price.  In all, its nice to have choice (down with Apple and Amazon and their "you can only buy from us!" models!).  Really, just run a bing search (or google, whatever) for ebooks and a ton of sites pop up.  As long as the ebook is in one of the formats the Nook supports (and it supports a bunch including all of the popular ones) you are good to go.

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