Borderlands DLC Coming to Consoles November 24, PC “Later”



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face it the PC is constantly shat on especially by Microsoft.  Moving forward the console is going to be the choice of game devolopers.  There is very little reason for devolopers to come back to PCs since the majority of people no longer see the computer as a game platforms, not to mention piracy etc....sigh



... the bastard step-children of the gaming industry.  When it comes to Borderlands, the PC version wasn't released until a week after the console versions... and even then it's still a buggy, incomplete, concept game.  The much needed patch that came out for the console versions... still not released on PC.  Now to add insult to injury they announce the DLC release date for, wait for it... everything BUT the PC version.  It would be laughable if it wasn't so infuriating.

Now that's just Borderlands.  Coming out this week is probably an even bigger slap in the face to PC gamers in the form of Modern Warfare 2 with nifty "features" such as: no support for dedicated servers, developer console, mods... the list goes on AND don't forget you get all those "extras" for a nice fat price of $60.

The scary thing is that other developers are taking a look at these types of actions and thinking "oh yeah, that's a good idea!"  Just this past week none other than John Carmack... let me say that name again, JOHN MOTHER-F-ING CARMACK, let it slip that id's next big game 'Rage' will most likely NOT support dedicated servers either!  What-in-the-mother-fing-god-forsaken-HELL is going on here?!



Yea, but MW2 has been cracked already.



delete please




Especially this soon after a games release. Gives the impression it's content they held back from the commercial realease.

Give me a good ol expansion pack. IT helps keep people on the same page vs these random crap DLC releases that usually aren't worth the cost of admission.  






doubt it; the usual reason is piracy concerns though the developers don't always like to admit it publicly



Yeah it's obvious to anyone it's concerns over piracy as well as hacking/cheats which is almost non-existant on the consoles. Thing is that I tend to think pirating PC games will encourage the sale of the same titles for the consoles, if the game is any good (like Fallout 3, Borderlands, etc).  Since there are no achevements/Trophies to be had on PC versions of the game (there was on windows, but I don't see achevemnts anymore on them.. just Gears of War for the Pc had it, which linked directly to your Xbox Live gamertag and score.)


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