Book Publisher Files Mass P2P Lawsuit



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As ironic as that is, I'm sure they mentioned something in that book about sharing copyrighted files.



You don't teach people how to use Bittorent and then sue them for following it




Well, I know that if I were called as a defendant I'd go out and buy a copy of Bittorrent for Dummies and have it on the table in front of me in the courtroom. Would almost be worth losing the case just to jab that knife in and twist it every day of the trial.



Great idea in concept but you would have to actually produce a dated receipt. If the date shown is after your ahem... "alleged" download then it could not be used as a defense.

You could also try offering your computer up for inspection.

-Sorry, I may have downloaded your book inadvertently or thought I was downloading something else entirely. I just don't know. I deleted everything I didn't recognize out of my download folder. I didn't infringe anyone's copyright since I never read any copyrighted material nor in possession thereof. May I go home now? -

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