Boo Hoo: Microsoft CEO Doesn't Like Being Second in Search Battle



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Google is #1 because of its people who consistently find game-chaning innovation in internet software. They support their (evidently) intelligent people by being the #1 company to work for, based in possibly the most beautiful part of the most successful nation in the world. Microsofts "plan" is to unseat them by injecting money into the situation, and (until recently?) to acquire the quickly-failing competition.

This simultaneously sounds like the stupidest plan for achieving their goal and exactly the kind of thinking that Microsoft continues to employ on regular basis ("You'll love Vista or we'll make you love it"). Until Microsoft starts looking at ways to pick off revenue streams in different ways, with different pay-off models for advertising clients or website holders, or even by simply rennovating their firm/culture in a way that they can pick off Google's people if they are really looking to up their search algorithim & server organization, they're always going to be extra-spicy failsauce.



A 25 year timeline is more realistic.  MS isn't even close to being #2.



Keith E. Whisman

Ahhhh my cheeks are still wet from tears for poor Mr. Ballmer. For the love of god we have to do this for Ballmer.

Come on it's just a search engine. Use Live Search it won't hurt and you'll be helping Ballmer.

God won't you please use Live Search?

Don't be so stuck up. Use Live Search. It may eventually get you what you need but in the mean time you'll be helping Mr. Ballmer.

How can you sleep at night knowing that Mr. Ballmer is in so much pain? Give Live search a chance won't you.



I think you just broke my sarcas-o-meter....

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