Boisterous HTC Starts 2012 in a Slump



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Peanut Fox

I have and still use my Thunderbolt. I pull it off at noon and get home at midnight and the battery is usually between 30 to 45 percent. That's with the stock battery nothing special going on.

I like to see Google do more to unify the user experience between different phones within the Android platform. Six different phones running the same operating system and they're all vastly different.



HTC is a company that said consumers don't want better battery life, they want thinner phones.....

So HTC, is that why the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and Samsung Galaxy Note are selling like hotcakes? I mentioned RAZR MAXX because the MAXX outsells the worlds thinnest smartphone(the Droid RAZR) by a wide margin.

Also I don't know any human being with a Y chromosome that wants a phone with a model name of "Sensation" or "Desire"....and especially "ChaCha". HTC phones are a hit with women....gee I wonder why?

Another reason is people were burned by the Thunderbolt. Ahhh yes the HTC Thunderbolt, the first 4G LTE smartphone in the US. For some reason HTC decided that instead of using something with the more power efficient A9 core....they went with a Scorpion S2(which is basically a Cortex A8). This lead to the worst battery life of any smartphone to date. The Evo series wasn't much better. The "Blunderbolt" is legendary for not even lasting 5 hours on a single charge. A coworker had one. It lasted just over 3 hours before it died. We're not talking 3 hours of USE. He would charge it, put it in his pocket and it would die before lunch.

The Rezound wasn't much of a hit either. It's great on paper, and even has a beautiful screen....but using one isn't so swell. It's slow, REALLY slow. A 1.5Ghz dual core Snapdragon S3 still isn't powerful enough with make HTC's "Sense" skin run smooth.

So it's no wonder HTC hasn't been doing too well. The ONE series is a complete turn around. Beautiful phones(and I HATE HTC) with great specs and good battery life. I think they're gonna turn around this year....after this quarter.

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