B&N: Nook Captures a Quarter of U.S. eBook Market



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Jer Stryker

When can we get Maximum  PC (oh and PC Gamer) on the Nook Color?  Mac Life (another Future magazine) is there, which is kind of insulting to us PC-techies.

It's one of the few things holding me back from getting a NC.



At this moment, the NC is the best deal going on a 7" tablet.  Though sold as an eReader, it's incredibly easy to root, being virtually impossible to brick.  The screen is visually better than the Galaxy, and it boots much MUCH faster than the Galaxy.

Sure, no camera, no 3G, no mic, no bluetooth.  Many can live without those, especially considering the $250 price.

These can do wayyy more than just books and magazines. 





I'd love to get one but the current "let's play chicken with the federal budget" has me not spending ANY cash at the moment.

Come on Congress - pass a freakin' budget so we can get on with our lives.



So then... when will we see a Nook Color running Gingerbread?

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