Blu-ray Pricing Slowly Trending Downward



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Along with prices of media, they need to develop a consumer friendly version of DRM.  There have been some half-assed attempts but nothing that says to the consumer "You're not a criminal, you have rights with your purchase".



Screw the hardware - let's see some price drops in the cost of movies!  Blu-Ray will continue to face adoption problems until the cost of a blu-ray movie is more in line with the cost of a DVD.  300-dollars may seem steep for a player, but it's a one-time cost.  People won't bother with it if they have to pay exhorbitant prices for the discs.





i wish everyone would just throw out the cd like looking media and go digital. hopefully the next playstation 3 will only come with one to be backwards compatible. in the console world, sony owns bluray so xbox360 is never gonna support that. way in the future, i hope the new xbox360 future console uses ssd so that they kill off blu-ray media. im personally tired of video game manufacturers being limited by the size of media! but then again im a hardcore gamer.



Uh, Blu-Ray IS digital. So IS DVD and CD.  But, you knew that right? I think you meant, maybe, for them to go solid state? Or download only?

If so, there are problems with that idea. For one, the devices will be much more expensive and more susceptible for failure in case of solid state.  For download, it has to be stored somewhere, and you have the same problem. With a disk, as long as you treat it with care and it is made out of quality materials, it will last MUCH longer. 

I think the big problem is the cost of movies on blu-ray. My god, its obscene!



Still waiting for BR burners to drop below $100 ($80 would be even better). It's really stupid. Had HD-DVD not folded it would be dirt cheap by now. Sony has no incentive to drop the prices because it has zero competition. The pressed discs are nearly the same price as DVDs now, with most new releases being under $20. There is simply no excuse for hardware prices to be so high, which I guess is why Sony is under investigation for illegal price fixing.

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