Blu-ray gets a Legal Disk Copy Solution – But at What Cost?



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 How would a Microsoft only file be unplayable on a Zune. Doesn't Microsoft make Zune?


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Piracy is free silly!



I LOL at the various industries vain attempts to control how I use their products.  And deny that, no matter how much money they waste, they ever will.  I will make backup copies the way I always have, someone will always crack their DRM.



I'd never use something like this that requires an internet connection. How can I be sure that the servers will still be up five years down the line? But more importantly, how will I watch my movies when the zombie apocalypse comes and the internet shuts down permanently?



This is exactly the kind of crap that causes groups like the Pirate Party to catch on.  I hope we get a US wing of the Pirate Party going so that we can get enough people to start speaking out about how insane copyright law has become and get it rolled WAAAAY back to the very limited duration and scope that it should be.  There are better ways, but those ways don't serve the entrenched groups that have bought the current laws, so they will fight them tooth and nail.  It's going to take a pretty big backlash against them to get anything changed. The law should serve the public interest.  Right now it's just corporate welfare.



They just don't get it, do they? People aren't necessarily interested in the legal solution, if it involves spending money that doesn't seem like it needs to be spent. You bought the disc, but if you want a backup copy, you have to buy it again? However, buying it again seems like it'll be both easier and cheaper than this new legal option. This isn't going to stop anyone. People who want to make copies will, once again, crack the protection and make copies. 



"carry an unknown price tag"

I have to buy new hardware, new software, pay on a per copy basis to make this work, and still not be able to use it on multiple kinds of devices?  With the cost of Bluray titles dropping, it would seem to be cheaper and easier to buy a second copy like the studios what us too if we want to stay completely legal.  IMHO, if this is the best they can do, I'm going to continue to backup my titles in the same manner I already do.



 to many of my discs are unradable. I copy everything now so when my dies becoems all borked i can still enjoy that which i paid for!

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okay now this seems like anti-trust, only allowed on a microsoft type file?

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