Blu-ray Gains Ground as Player Pricing Drops, Who would have Guessed?



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I can't agree more with the idea of Blu-ray prices needing to come down for wider adoption. What I find ironic about this situation is how short everyones memory is.

When DVD's first came out they were $20+ for every movie, much more expensive than VHS. I remember plenty of people laughing at DVD's as something they didn't need because they already had technology to play movies at home. Player's were more than $200 for several years, and burners were also expensive. And don't even get me started on the whole DVD-R/RW vs DVD+R/RW debacle.

In comparison to DVD's when accounting for inflation, Blu-ray is coming down in price faster, and is being adopted about as fast as DVD's were.

From a technical point of view BD and HD video is a godsend, because of the warped technical specs of SD NTSC video (backward compatible, but headache inducing, when you get into the details). Considering the enormous effort involved in transitioning from one television standard to another, HD as we know it doesn't look to be changing it's specs for many, many years to come. (Nor should it considering that there is an upper limit to how much detail the human eye can perceive and 1080i/p is near to or even exceeds that limit for home screen sizes.) Therefore Blu-ray looks to be the last successful physical medium for video, the universal standard that you fall back to when compatibility is key, similar to CD's for audio.

I personally see streaming video as a replacement for cable, not DVD's or Blu-ray. Eventually when the DRM is stripped away I can see video downloads taking their place, but it took us forever to get there with audio, and CD's still haven't died completely. Sadly I think the fight for video will be a lot harder, but eventually we'll get there.



When companies stop releasing 720p BluRay movies. Garbage. Everything should be 1080p by now.



My how quickly we become resolution snobs. I don't have a TV capable of 1080p. I'm guilty of the snobbery, too, since I've decided not to get a 360 or PS3 until I do have such a set.



Actually, give us sub-100$ burners and a tower of blank BR-R for somewhere around 50¢ a disc and I'll bet you adpoption rate will make the Guinness world record book pee hi pants.

i am sure that at this point in the tech's life, all manufacturers would make money by selling at this price.


Actually, I would buy a bd burner, and possibley a PS3 or other living room player. Currently, my Tversity server/XMBC player/2 Xbox360s quatuor of machines cater to my SD and HD needs. And I feel resolute to skip a gen (the bd gen alright). 

I see HD4K and or/medias with 10 times the capacity of BD on the horizon.
















I would bet my solid gold tutu that Blu-Ray adoption would really explode if the price of the movies dropped as well...:-)



I would love to get a blu ray drive (I know these are tv blu ray players) for my computer, but this whole technology in general needs to drop in price faster.  Backing up all my files could be so much easier on just a few discs rather then buying packs of dvds.

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