Blu-ray Disc Capacity Set to Jump From 25GB to 33GB Per Layer



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I jumped on my Blu-Ray burner when it got to about $150 and have been backing up to $3 Maxell 25GB BD discs. They have been working very well and I can even open up supported files with my PS3.

For those that don't think Blu-Ray is a big leap forward-watch your favorite move in Blu-Ray, then the DVD version. If the BD version has been fully re-mastered by someone who knew what they were doing, you'd never go back again. It's like eating Cafe du Monde bengignes and then eating a supermarket donut after.


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I don't watch TV at all and very few movies due to all the political BS thrown in however I have considered using Bluray for backup purposes. The issue though has been price and it really hasn't been coming down with Bluray burners to anything decent. For the most part dual layer DVD's have worked fine for me. I'd sure appreciate an article on how the inquiry to bluray price fixing is coming along so I don't end up blowing $180 on a bluray burner to only see prices drop to something like $100 a week later.



"I don't watch TV at all and very few movies due to all the political BS thrown in"


What the hell are you talking about? Are you one of those people that reads into things way to much and thinks Avatar is part of some left-wing agenda?



Much TV today IS political. If you think it's not, I don't know what to tell you. Not much we can do for you.



I don't watch TV at all. But not because of I think everything is political. I hate people like that. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, let's just enjoy stories as stories without getting metaphors involved.



 Until they get below $100 I'm not going to get one.  The jump in quality isn't THAT great, not like VHS was to DVD.  It is more of a novelity then something needed.  You can buy another HDD and back up your system for less then a bluray drive. 


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