Blu-Ray and Digital Distribution Likely to Co-Exist



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I have read in many propaganda based articles that digital is the new in thing, and that CDs, DVDs and the like will all disappear.


When I pay $$$ to watch a movie, I want good quality, and don't want crazy software installed on my PC. When I play a game, I want the disc so that I can use it at my discression, not to have to be subject to some PC in a server farm halfway across the globe. I WANT IT TO WORK ON MY TERMS, OR I WILL NOT SPEND MY CASH ON IT. PERIOD. I do believe that the majority of users want physical media with packaging that looks nice, and maybe even a nice instruction manual or the like. It is the movie industry that wants to save money on making disks, packaging, manuals etc that want us to use digital media, better for their bottom line.

Well here is my bottom line; I like CDs, DVDs and BD discs, and Hard drives attached to MY pc to store my stuff. Period.



It's silly to think that in the next 5 years we'll see a complete abandonment of traditional content delivery systems (IE: discs) in favor of purely downloadable content. Blu-ray will remain an active player on the scene for a long time to come, regardless of whether or not streaming media ever catches up to where it should be by now. I've actually been working with WHV on some BR projects and know they're committed to Blu-ray for years to come.



I can't understand at all where the digital distribution idea is coming from.  Until they double our bandwidth (not even enough with this, 6Mb x 2 = 12Mb, I'd like at least 20Mb for downloading BR sized movies), I don't see how anyone would put up with it.

I'm not referring to streaming, that's a rental, not a purchase.



I don't think it has anything to do with wanting a physical copy of somthing. DRM will dash all hopes of security in owning a physical object...Imagine this, no longer can you take your videos to a friends house to watch lol. 



I personally don't think digital anything is going to take over and completely replace physical media. There's no way I want to have some crappy 3rd party program installed, got to a separate site to download any games I want to play, and then have it all archived on some hard drive that if it fails, I lose hundreds of dollars worth of purchase goods. Do any of us really believe if my download got corrupted or deleted 5 years from now the company is going to replace it free of charge?

Secondly, half the reason to make a physical purchase is simply to have a nice packaged box with artwork from the game, any extras they throw in (which is rare), and a physical cd that I can store safely away until im ready to install or copy or whatever.




Of course physical formats are going to stick around. There are some people that will just never watch movies on their computers. When my parents want to watch a movie, they're going to want to have something as simple as walking to the movie shelves, grabbing the movie, and putting the disc in the player. My mother will never want to learn how to stream something to the TV or navigate something like Media Center (simple as it is). Besides, for some people, the case with the cover art and the notes on the back is worth owning the disc as opposed to a download.

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