BlueStacks Releases Windows App Player for Android Apps



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Here is a video we shot of BlueStacks on one of our stand up multi touch dispalys. Its a very cool app. The video was made for a community we are part of to show what it can do....We love it and its pretty awesome considering its a Alpha



This may be the crucial first step to the eventual Android Desktop OS! :) Maybe if Google watches to see how many people use this app it could show there is an interest. But they need to lose the requirement of logging in with a Feckbook account (required for adding those 26 apps mentioned above - according to their own website). If you're going to run Android apps, shouldn't you be able to log in with a Google account? The way their website reads, it seems you also can't install 'any Android app you choose'. Only the ones THEY specify. So there is a half-eaten-fruit style control element in it, for sure.

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