Blu-ray Discs Coming to a Redbox Near You



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Why do people even bother with Redbox? Netflix makes sense. Cheapest package is $8 for one disc at a time and keep it for as long as you want til you are ready to return it which for  most people is fine. $1 a night for rental plus late fees? Redbox is only for the stupid.  



It depends on your rental habbits. I rent maybe one or two movies a month (if any at all) so Redbox is by far cheaper than any monthly subscription. I rented one movie last month so my monthly total was $1.09. Also in my area I usually get about 1Mb download speeds which makes steaming difficult and it is far easier to drive 5 minutes to the nearest RedBox. If you're the type of person that has to watch every movie that Hollywood throws at you, then Netflix does make sense.



I live in Minneapolis, MN; and I've seen 2-3 Blu-Ray movies in our kiosks. I still don't have a Blu-Ray player because I don't care too much about visual "quality" when it comes to watching movies. I'm content with watching regular DVD's. I have a 5.1 theater system, but only the front L and R speakers, center speakers, and subs are hooked up because I'm too lazy to wire the rear speakers. When playing my Xbox360 however, visual quality is a top priortiy.



What will the price point be for markets that have already bumped their DVD prices to $1.25? 



Since alot of rural areas have only Dial-up or crappy satelite internet. Alto of blu ray players need to eventullay need firmware updates for the new DRM standard. The Blu-ray players don't have a Dial-up Modem. So I hope they keep the DVDs also.



"All I's got is dial-up!"  so I can't do this, that, or have sex with my wife! Let's see, buy a laptop, go to the library with Wi-Fi and download the damn firmware upgrade!

 How the hell are folks even WRITING to these posts without some sort of internet connection?



I Jedi

Guess I'll have to buy a monitor (video resolution support) and a Blu-Ray drive, so that I can watch it on my computer, as I now have no excuse not to transition to Blu-Ray.



I didn't know this was new. The two RedBox kiosks in my neighborhood have stocked blu-rays for at least a year, maybe longer.



you must be in a test market then. None of the red boxes near me have blu rays.

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