Blockbuster Preparing to File for Bankruptcy



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Hmmm? Arrrr!



The managmenet of Blockbuster were a bunch of fucking idiots back in the 90's. How did they NOT see this revolution coming? WTF?!? Back in the very late 90's BB was VERY slow to adopt DVD at their stores. Being an early adopter of DVD myself, this was very frustrating.

I joined Netflix in '00. At that time, Netflix was still renting GGW DVDs. (Sadly, no longer).

BB should lower themselves to renting pr0n.



They're going to blame piracy on this too.

People don't want to drive to the store.  People don't want to wait for their DVD in the mail.  People want spur of the moment.  We have cable on demand and Netflix that give instant movies.  Blockbuster stuck to the traditional for too long and isn't changing with the times.  Hollywood is partly to blame too.  Tying up Blockbuster (and Netflix) to old business formulas.

Here's what gets me.  If I have a 1080p TV or Computer, why can't I rent a "true" Hi-def movie (in 5.1 surround) and stream it nice and easy, AND, on the day of DVD release?  Vudu comes close, but you need a supported device (WTH?)

If they allowed companies to distribute their content via the internet to our existing computers, we would pay to consume that content, and pay now (today, immediately).

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