Blockbuster One-Ups Netflix, Redbox with Warner Bros. Deal



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Imagine the favor called in or promised to Warner Bros. to let this happen especially since it was announced not too long ago that Netflix would agree not to rent out Warner Bros. stuff until 28 days later.  What happened here is a backroom deal that the public will probably never know about.   This is a classic case of cronyism.





The Blockbuster down the street from me is looking pretty sad. They sell novels, motivation posters, and action figures for some odd reason.



I love Redbox to death. There are three of them within a 5 minute drive of my house. I can reserve online and it only costs a buck a day. Awesome. The only downside is waiting in line but I had to do that on a busy Friday night at BlockBuster too.


With that being said, Redbox is a great idea that came out about 5 - 10 years too late. It's only a matter of time before the ancient business model of renting physical media is completely obsolete. Brick and mortor video stores are going out of business all over the country and eventually Redbox will fail as well. Hopefully they are smart enough to realize that and are planning on competing on the world wide interweb as a streaming service.



When the hell is BlockFucker going to give up and throw in the towel... Worst rental chain and unfortunatley until NetFlix arrived the largest....



Netflix and Redbox sort of threw in the towel to help WB.  Besides Direct to Buy has been killing them softly for years now that movies hit the shelf alot earlier to beat out the bootleggers...

Its rumored that WB tried to slow distribution to Redbox, so they (redbox) bought their own movies by other locations to fill their demand.  But this is more a save to WB than BlockBuster...  on demand is also popular with digital cable now.  And lets be REAL here...  IF, i wanted a movie bad enough I will buy it if i need to watch it more than once... its been a while since i stepped into a BBV store... $3-$5 bucks for a new release movie rental vs. sticking it out with cable until they get it in(which im already paying for) vs.waiting to pay $1 a day after one month....  I think i would rather wait before i waste money on a BBV rental.



Ahhh, just what the Doctor needed!



People are not going buy a movie just because they cant rent it for a couple more weeks.  When people buy movies it is because they want to watch it more than once.  Not really sure if Warner Bros is seriously expecting this to work but if anything, this will just lower the demand on the movie when it is released because the release "hype" will be diminished.

Frankly blockbuster is one of the worst video experiences I have ever had and I wouldnt step in there if they were the only rental business left.



I'd like to know what Blockbuster brought to the table in their negotiations with Warner. Exactly what do they have to offer that Netflix or Redbox doesn't?




Brick & Mortar stores one can walk into and actually buy a product. For now at least.



This won't save BB.There hasn't been a must see movie in years and with 500 channels, all the "on demands ‘, and good old downloading, people can get their entertainment all the time, anytime. People will wait and if not they'll watch something else



Somehow, this seems VERY anti-competitive. I don't think netflix and redbox will just let this go. I NEVER go to blockbuster. Why? Because they are to frikin expensive. Thats why your business is failing blockbuster, YOUR EXPENSIVE. Can you blame me for flocking to cheaper alternatives like redbox and netflix? I also don't think that there is even a blockbuster left around me. Within the last 3 months, just about ALL of them have closed down. How is that going to help me go to the store and rent the blu-ray disc from them? It doesn't....



NETFLIX innovated the movie rental business. Blockbuster just fallowed. 

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