Blockbuster Express Rentals Going Up in Price, Too



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With all these price increases and the ridiculous cost to stream a movie rental online I might just have to go back to downloading my movies from the newsgroups.



While enjoying Netflix DVD+Streaming, four local Blockbusters went bust and closed down.  No biggie to me as I stopped using them after BB stopped doing the Discover Card coupons to get cheaper rentals.  Redbox had already moved in locally so all good for me. 

So then my wife sees a BBE kiosk and rented a $1 movie there just because she had just walked out of the store where it was located.  So BB gets my email from that rental.  2 weeks later and I get the email about the rate boost.  My first thought was the Netflix email trying to make me all giddy on their rate increase as if they are doing me a favor.  I guess there are those out there dumb enough to buy that PR/Marketing crap.  $5 used to get me a 5-day rental at BB.  Now it can get me a 3-day rental.  I'll buy/stream off of Apple TV or my Xbox 360 before using you.  Losers!

Thank you Redbox.  You have 3 kiosks within 4 miles of my house.  Love the smartphone app.  Now I can deal with the minor cost boost.



I guess it's a good thing I only ever rent from the BBE kiosks with free rental codes. This weekend, I watched pretty much every movie worth watching in my local kiosks that I hadn't already seen in theaters or from Netflix/Redbox. I got them all with codes, and I still have codes left (expiring today/tomorrow). The only exceptions are a couple of "Hot" titles that would have cost me 2 bucks after the coupon.


NOTE: MPC, I don't know what you did, but the spam filter is a little sensitive to some pretty common words. I had to reword this several times to be slightly more vague. It still doesn't work -- I just left another article with spam in the comments. At least the captcha didn't block me completely, and the spammers just have to figure out what doesn't trigger the filter.

If you can't implement something more stable, like a domain name blacklist and shortened URL resolution to avoid circumvention, maybe the answer would be to implement a moderator system. Moderator bans and IP address blacklisting would probably reduce recurring spammers.



Price has always effected my rental and/or purchase decisions but most especially in these times, brand loyalty is only earned with the best pricing



Piracy is the answer.



Totally agree, firefox91. The DEA needs to take a gander at Blockbuster's upper level management, because they're SERIOUSLY high on something. But, some people are dummies and don't even know that Redbox exists.

Blockbuster certainly isn't helping the piracy issue that the MPAA (which I'm sure they're a member of) claims as rampant.



Apparently Blockbuster still doesn't understand why they are going out of business. If Redbox can provide that same hot DVD for $1.20, why would anyone get it from Blockbuster for $3.00? This is the whole reason why Blockbuster started to go down. Netflix and Redbox had them on price significantly. There was a time I remember going in to a Blockbuster store and spending nearly $5 to rent 1 stupid movie. No more, Blockbuster. You are done.



Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September of 2010 and has since been purchased by DISH Network. The Blockbuster Express kiosks are actually owed and operated by NCR Corp. a completely different company so, while they have the same name, the kiosks are not in fact affiliated with Blockbuster stores. In addition, Blockbuster has new releases available before most other rental services, including Redbox. DISH has really put in a lot of work into changing the perception of the Blockbuster name and I’m sure would hate to have all of that work undone. I have their newest service, the Blockbuster Movie Pass, through my employee subscription to DISH and think it is pretty great but I bet because most people, like you, will only think of the kiosks, they’ll be hesitant to use any Blockbuster service. It’s actually a great value since I can get streaming videos, their disc by mail service with in-store exchanges, and 20 movie channels all for ten bucks a month.

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