BlizzCon: StarCraft 2 Campaign Now A Trilogy



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I still play Diablo II  and have since D1 other words
I've gotten to know Blizzard...and YES their now pulling a "Stephen
King"   aka   snippets of game/story for the price of a full copy. 
They even did it back before the Lord of Destruction Expansion, and
didnt EVEN have the smarts to hide it....

See for yourself....Install JUST D2 w/o the LoD expansion....enter a
game and look in the quest log....even before LoD was even speculated
about.....Blizzard had "left space" in the quest log for a "fifth" act,
that being LoD.  All they are doing now is being even LESS smart about
it.  The kid gloves are off.....they are BLANTANTLY grabbing for your
wallet, and doing it with no apparent shame.  I'm just glad they don't
write books, or at least any books that I would buy.  What would they
do sell a chapter at a time for the cost of an entire book?

I've met hookers with more morals.



Heh, Three separate releases. Could be cool. Maybe make the long wait for Diablo that much shorter.

Could this mean that Diablo could end up with 4-5 releases, adding new content and races?

At least will be free. Or will it??



I have to agree with the previous poster. We automatically assume that when they say they're breaking up the game into 3 parts that the game will be short and lacking. We could very well say the same about Half-life 2 at this point. Do you feel ripped off that they released a single full length game, then continued the story through expansions? I don't. I've played them all and enjoyed every minute of it. As long as the first release FEELS like a full release, we'll be happy.



I for one don't care how much I pay, as long as it is a great game.  Which I know it will be coming from Blizzard.  If we have a trilogy and each is as long as Starcraft 1, that is great!

And I don't know what your crying about WoW for,  every MMO has expansion packs, if you every played a Sony MMO you would see how much worse they are at content and expantion packs and how low quality they are.  Blizzard has huge new content patches (like this Tuesday with the "Echoes of Doom" patch) and their new expantions are over half the size of the original game.  Honestly what more could you ask for.

 Now I am not sure about the monetization of, I'll have to hear the details of that when they realease that.



This is another reason people pirate games.  Give us a complete game, don't try to sell us what should already be in the game.  I was afraid that this kind of thing might start.  They see how much money they can make with the expansions for WoW, so now every game they release will have at least 2 expansions.  So not only will you have to pay $60 for the original game, but then to actually play the game like its should be played you will have to buy 2 $40 expansions.



can you say : "Milk that cash cow till its dry."?

very lame strategy imo.

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