BlizzCon Benched in 2012, Will Return to Action in 2013



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Bah....only rich kids who live in SoCal go to Blizzcon....everyone knows the *real* party is at Dragon*con...

What this really means, is that Blizzard is acutely aware of all the people that have made the switch from WoW to Rift and they're scrambling to release content to try to win them back...Not that it matters though, as Rift is twice the MMO that WoW will ever be, and its only a year old.



I still think the dev team for DIII has yet to get their heads on straight.

11 years after D2: LoD's release and 4.5 years after they announced DIII with footage of the game in action and claiming "soon" they're going back to the drawing board with Skills, Stats, Runes, Artisans, Town Portal, Scrolls of Identity and more.

And now there's word that a senior producer on the D3 team has left Blizzard:

I'll be the first to agree that Blizzard has made some great games over the years, but recently I'm not sure they have their priorities straight. Much of the delays seem more about making sure one cash cow is fully milked before moving on to another as well as developing games that are the most profitable ($60per SCII game) rather than the most fun.

I'm suspicious that there's a bit of contention or disagreement among developers as to which priorities are the most important, as they can't seem to pick a direction and stick with it.

Dan O.



that is good news... been waiting for Diablo III for a very long time now... its nice to know they are trying to get shit done asap

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