Blizzard: StarCraft II Cheaters will be Banned from Single-Player and Multiplayer



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This is why I always pirate games now.  You have no rights to use the software you use unless you "steal" a copy of it.  As the saying goes:  "Only the innocent are punished by the rules.  The guilty just break them.".  Kinda how when guns are banned the innocent become disarmed, but the criminals just import them and shoot everyone.  Whoops, crime just went up!  No wonder people pirate so much now.  If games become impossible to pirate, guess what?  I won't play them anymore.



Now if only infinity ward where as committed... it seems since the foul up with the accidental ban of several thousand people they have let up a whole lot. the past few days i have been unable to play a round of MW2 without someone running aimbot. i even witnessed an ammo hack, i watched them fire there tube twice and a little bar went across the screen like picking up a care package and tubed another 2 times. somehow this other guy was unstabable, i ran up and stabbed him from behind so he turns around and i stab him in the face, he typed lololol and shot me! at first i thought it was lag but after watching the kill cam no way. some of thees people even openly admit using cheats, and with the smug attitude like "ya I'm cheating what are you going to do about it, cry?" i wish i could have recorded some of this because i know most people would not believe it without seeing it.



so what about all the cheats that are built into the game itself?

i had a ton of fun playing the game the first time through and then replaying it in god mode just to see some of the things i missed.

you get a message that comes up and tells you that your points have been disabled, so what thats the price you pay.

but for cheating on single player that should just be between you and your computer.

cheating on multi though there is no need for that and yes you should be held accountable for that.



Those are different. The built in cheats (black sheep wall, power overwhelming, etc) are disabled during multi-player. This is talking more along the lines of "trainers" or 3rd party apps that allow you to cheat all the time, regardless of how you play.



I dont mind what blizzard said, i think its great because i paid good money to play this game and I dont want some punk taking away from the fairness of the game.

Just look at MW2, every server has cheaters in it, you cant escape them. And not only that, when Valve Banned them, they apologized and gave them back the game and 2 free copies of l4d2. (yes i know some of them were by mistake)

But still, at least blizzard is doing something about it.



Blizzard is going to get a love letter from me on this one.  Sorry, but all the fears below of game companies 'stripping away your rights' are a little bit absurd.

Play by the rules, and win or lose by the rules, or GTFO. No one seems to complain when cheaters are permabanned from TF2 servers, etc, so I don't see what the giant deal is here from a human rights perspective.  Do the crime, do the time.




This is completely justified for those that cheat in multiplayer, but getting banned for cheating in single player mode?  That's just rediculous!  If I pay money for something I should be able to use it exactly how I want to if it doesn't impact others.  I play all my PC games through without cheats and with because it alters the fun element and helps keep the game enjoyable to play.



Cheating in single player is just lame, but in multiplayer it completely takes the fun away from others around you.

I have already been cheated on in SC2 a couple of matches and I have to say it is very annoying in a competitive ladder-based environment.

Win, kill the guy's whole base, get victory on the screen, get back to bnet main screen and it shows as a loss, and you just lost 20 points and 2 places in your ladder? This has happened to me, could be a bug but seems supsiciously like cheating considering the guy refused to GG and let me kill off the rest of his base when i out-microed him.

And don't even get me started on the de-sync issues / drop-hacks... Tons of people are drop-hacking a.k.a getting the other player disconnected fron bnet even though their internet connnection is working.

Cheating is wrong, and if you are trying to justify it by saying it 'enhances' the single player experience you are a lame noob and don't have the skills required to play the game imo.

Not saying you should be banned for cheating in SP, but do it once in MP and you deserve to have your account revoked. Besides, what is the point of this? Shits and gigs? Or is it just because you have no life and you need to make up for something you're lacking, which is social skills?

I'm with Nate on this one - I would sometimes like to punch cheaters in the face



I'm curious, does modding single player = cheating?  I've modded every game I play single player that I can and have always felt the game play for me is improved.

This is the first time I've found a reasonable argument for pirating a game.  Were I to buy this game to play single player and lose access to the game I would be very angry.

Multiplayer is a different issue, but I wonder if all this is prominently displayed on the box or prior to purchase.  Putting this info in the eula alone is simply wrong.



Well, having not bought a copy of Starcraft 2 yet, I guess I'll beat Mr. Blizzard to the punch and just not buy his game.  I'd probably play single player if I did, but the idea of being banned entirely from the game by accident is just to rough of a treatment for me.

Having waaaaay to much fun with AI:War Fleet Command anyway.



I have to throw my voice in with the chorus that says banning single player is wrong. If I'm wanting to "license" a game and play online all the time with a rental fee, I'd go out and get something like WoWcrack. But if I spend a one time fee for a game, especially on physical media, and play it at home by myself; that means I've bought it, regardless of what Blizzard's lawywers can put in backwards greek in the EULA. (and I really wish someone would bring DMCA before the SCOTUS and burn that f$%^er to the ground because it makes it magically different to own digital and analogue media) It's no different than buying a pair of shoes; Nike doesn't get to take my shoes away from me if I decide to use a sharpie on them because that conflicts with their original design intent.

Let's face it, Cheats have been part of games for almost as long as there have been games (I'd say just as long, but I'm not aware of any hacks for Pong) so do what some other game designers have done and simply disallow cheats in multi player mode and ban people who try to get around THAT.if a couple of off the payroll programmers like the guys who made my FleetOps mod can do that, I imagine a company with money to burn like Blizzard can.

I play Activision games a lot, and they actually ~encourage~ people to look at and play with their code... it's why I love my games like Aramada II and Civilization. The last Blizzard game I played? Probably Warcraft3, and I haven't fired that up in years. Corporate behavior like this certainly doesn't make me likely to grab another of their titles.



Single player content can still be experienced in offline mode, just disable/unplug your network connection. Won't be able to get achievements but you can still experience it.



All it does is ban them from, witch is required for singleplayer, which is understandable.  I'm sure a false ban can be alleviated with a phone call or email to game support.

If you want to play and cheat, there are many illegal ways to play single player Starcraft 2.



Given Blizzard's history of false postives, I'm leery of this. Even one false positive is completetly and totally unacceptable.

Also, most courts have already ruled that software is sold and not licensed (except the 9th circus, but most of their decisions end up being overturned by the supreme court so none of their rulings are relevant). Blizzard can put anything it wants in it's EULA but that doesn't make it legal or binding.



I've got no problem with this, they didnt cheat in single player to encure the wrath of the ban hammer, they cheated in multiplayer, in battle net, which screws up the game for any legitimate players.  If you mess with my online play experience because you suck so bad at the game that you cant win any other way then you deserve to be permabanned. 



Why ban them from the single player content?  Let them sit at home, alone, while their mom makes meatloaf, and let them play....alone...



Don't be hatin' meatloaf. It's good stuff! Especially with real cheddar cheese and garlic in it! Mmmm



Mainly because its a much better deterrent.  And it also may mean they can't do it any other way since you have to be connected to the internet to play the game.



You don't own software, you are licesned the software and must read and agree to the EULA.  Blizzard may do anything they want to the game, as they are the ones that own it, not us.  I fully agree with Blizzard's banning cheaters.



Now, do not mistake this argument as me condoning cheating, because I do not. But this is yet another example of how software companies are quickly stripping away our rights. I can understand banning a person from online play when caught cheating, but preventing them from using single player mode in a game that they paid to OWN is obsurd.

The industry has effectively wiped out the ability to resell games. Now they want the power to take them away from the original owner at their whim. When is this going to stop? The general public needs to be educated in these matters. I don't think the average person these days realizes that they don't own the software, movies, and music they buy. They are borrowing it as long as the creator deems them worthy.



If you pay to own a game and agree to the terms and services then you've already given permission to have the game revoked for violating those rules. It may look like publishers have your ass when you agree to those rights but they aren't going to just revoke ownership of the software from honest customers for fear of the backlash. It's true across the board with digital music, movies and games alike.

Honestly, I belive that if you cheat online, in any game, your license to the game should be revoked completly. I've encountered hundreds of cheaters online and 1 DRM problem. The DRM problem was solved in a day. I still have to deal with cheaters and this is yet another deterrant I'm all for.

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