Blizzard Says Meet the New – Same as the Old, But Not



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No love for European WoW players (or people on EU realms...)

Coming Soon!

The World of Warcraft account merge process is not yet available in your region.




 The "old Blizzard" created wonderful addictive games that were 100% completely free to play.  No monthly subscription, no in game sales of "premium service"  aka "what you already payed for"  Now THAT was a good company.  The new Blizzard reminds me of crack addicts and dealers down on 16th and Mission.

The fact that 11 million idiots pay to play WoW....means nothing.  Hell, 24 million people downloaded Firefox 3 in a 24 hour time span.

Sure I understand that its not economically feasible to offer free to play....but they did it!  I guess they musta killed all the people that knew HOW they did it.  I still play Diablo II LoD....not because my computer can't handle the new games, but because I can't handle the new games.  They mere shadows of what Diablo II was and still is, for that matter.  Yes please sign me up for yet another WWII FPS.....NOT!  Yes I will play Diablo III.....NOT!

The new Blizzard is a worm eaten corpse of what the old Blizzard was, and it's a true shame.


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



What is all of this about the new/old blizzard? this post was about a new

You can whine all you want about how great games were in the good old days, but please don't bash other people because they like the new ones.  I've loved blizzard games since warcraft I, they are all still well balanced and fun to play.  Of course, I could go play Diablo II again if I wanted to get ganked by all the morons who sit on there waiting to MPK you.  I played WoW for about a year, I had a lot of fun, and now I am done.  Does that make me stupid for choosing to play a game and pay a bit extra per month?  If you want to play blizzard games for free you've still got warcraft 2, warcraft 3, diablo 1 (idk if this is true), diablo 2, and starcraft (with or without broodwar, your choice).  Diablo III is otw as is Starcraft 2, both are looking to be incredibly fun, but blizzard is making sure to put their regular polish on both before releasing.

So in the end I fail to see why you are complaining about blizzard.  They have one game which requires you to pay after buying.  Their games are original, what is with the WWII FPS analogy?  Yes, they are making games in the same universes that they created, but each one is vastly different than the one preceding.




Gotta say, so far i like it.

good idea blizz...... ;)


but for real it is cool and i think it has potential, plus its blizzard they dont usualy royaly f*ck things up. 


I Jedi

I love how articles from MxPC can be really funny and interesting to read sometimes. As goes for a Steam  competitor. In your dreams.



What's so hard to believe to believe? All they have to do is offer the same thing at competitive prices. And Steam doesn't have every title under the sun. If anyone could pull off something that competes with Steam, it would a smart, powerful company like Blizzard.


I Jedi

As fas as I know, they only offer Blizzard entertainment games. Steam offers a wide variety of games from diff. publishers. That is how I know they will never compete on a grand scale with Steam. Unless, of course, they changed up their store to compete with Steam. If I had to place my money on anyone, it would be Direct2Drive.



I remember a time when steam only offered Valve games, so it could happen, them buying out other companies, and taking their games and selling them.


I Jedi

If EA doesn't buy them all up first.



Or EA could sell games on like they're doing with Steam. Assuming Blizzard chooses to offer 3rd party software via

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