Blizzard: Potential WarCraft 4 Devs Tied up for “Next Few Years”



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If the Torchlight developers would just add IP-to-IP multiplayer (at the very least) and the game development tools to make our own levels we'd all be set for many years to come. After WoW Blizzard became a shell of the company they once were. They've got so much money and have lost direction because of it. What would you do with tens of millions of dollars every month in cash revenue from your MMO? ... certainly Blizzard can afford to churn out some games even if they are total failures. But instead they have been entirely consumed with this one title.

It's the one game that I wish would die for the good of all the other titles we loved to play by that company. I wish they would just forget consoles and focus on the PC platform that got them to where they are today.

It would be interesting to see with the overhead costs, servers, bandwidth, development, security etc and the estimated cash inflow ... side by side with just how little this company is currently producing. In comparison to say any other major software vendor. Blizzard has no reason for a wake up call due to gaming addicts and WoW, but I would hope the founders realize that they need to keep moving forward with updated titles or new areas of the market to saturate. 



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