Blizzard Auctions World Of Warcraft Server Blades For Charity



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Some people collect old bottles and other artifacts that are just the trash left from prior civilizations and cultures. Do these items "DO anything"? Are these artifacts not just "hunks of antiquated junk"?

Blizzard came up with a creative way to repurpose old tech to help others, and that is pretty damn cool.



LOL!!! Buy a used WoW server blade? Isn't that like buying a used car with 750,000 miles on it?

Now I know that solid state electronics do not "wear" like a car's motor will, but seriously, that's one well-used piece of hardware you're buying there. I played WoW for almost 5 years, I've got a lot of fond memories of it, but you'd have to be a serious fan-boy to pay for these.



This is months old news. I bought one of these months ago when these auctions were first started.


Brad Chacos

They have run similar auctions before, but this is a new one.



Does it DO anything? It's just a hunk of antiquated junk in a display case, right?

Blizzard has some awesomely detailed statues of their games at their HQ which they've distributed to the fortunate few in the past. Let me buy a piece of that, real art, rather than some archaic blade server from the other side of the planet.

What's next, will the first ever iPhone to run Angry Birds when it was in development be auctioned off?

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