Blizzard Agrees With Valve About the Impact of Windows 8 For PC Gamers



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I agree that it is a little too early to tell. Maybe I have some fanboy fever going right now, but I really hope Steam for Linux will take off. Valve has already urged other publishers on Steam to port their games as well, and I think if they see Linux users buying games on Steam they'll start porting as well.

It's an exciting year for Linux, what with Ubuntu being shipped on 5% of PCs over the next year, Valve porting Steam, and the Raspberry Pi and other small form factor PCs like it coming out swinging.

I could be a little over-confident in Linux right now, but I hope I'm not.

Thanks for the great conversation, by the way.


Peanut Fox

Anytime. Opinions are what the internet does best :D

Linux's outlook is as optimistic as ever. It's adoption has clearly been on the rise these past few years.



Self serving comments by Rob, simply turf protecting. Windows 8 will have industry level success and his Blizzard will still be unknown by the massive majority of users.

Lots of OS users may stick with Windows 7 (myself included on some production PCs)but Windows 8 will change the whole industry by including mobile users as equals. As a loyal Android user, Windows 8 may change how the majority of uses see technolgy in their lives.

Microsoft may not have been cool in the past decade - but too many bit players seem to forget that Microsoft still has a huge monopoly.



Drink the koolaid much? windows 8 will change the industry all right. Give me my games on linux, and i will now kiss windows goodbye. Vista changed the industry too. It gave OSX the push it needed to gain serious marketshare and mindshare. I can tell you this: I work for a multinational and we are moving from windows/ms office to gmail/gapps for whatever platform you choose. Noone is even talking about windows 8 now. They announced the change after Windows 8 CP came out. We are not going Windows 8 at all. Right now we run win7 and osx, but if you want to run Linux, go for it. Windows 8 is a disaster in the corporate space as well in the consumer space. If you love the Metro interface, you dont do jack shit on your computer. You should just get a tablet then. Yes, I have ran windows 8 since the cp came out. Dont tell me I dont like it because i havent used it. It is a shame really. If they kept the interface one more iteration and all the under the covers changes, they would have a home run. Too much too soon.

What they should have done. Go ahead with Windows 8 RT. But wait until win9 to put it on the desktop.



I wonder how long till JohnP comments...he loves him some Windows 8...



Personally, I feel like Windows 8 will push for a hardware change that would cripple the laptop and ultrabook stance.

Windows 7 works, why fix the wheel?


Peanut Fox

To be fair Windows XP worked too. As well as 98, 95, and 3.1 before that. Sometimes it's just about progress. Windows 8's progress is suspect however.



Windows XP worked, yes, but there's only so much you can do with an old engine. 64 bit support was weak, memory limits, boot partition limits, native SSD support, etc. Windows 7 was the natural evolution from XP.
The problem with Windows 8 is that it's basically the same engine as Windows 7, so it's really only a change of UI that nobody wanted or needed.


Peanut Fox

Okay. I can see that.



I tried the Windows 8 public release and I have to say "I am not a fan".You can call me old but the interface (GUI) in metro just dose not work for me on a pc, in a tablet it will work just fine but on a non touch monitor it just horrible.

I will stick with windows 7, hell I will use Windows Vista (once it has the service packs its not all that bad) if i have to.

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