Blizzard’s Next MMO to be “Significantly Different” from WoW



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Is gay. Like richard simmons caliber gay. I'm a pony dildo waving and prancing gay.

 But yea, WoW is old cheese. That's why I've left mmo's completely and gone back to my singleplayer games.  I'll start multiplayer games again when they do away with these weak ass achievement systems, e-peen petting, and come up with a legitimate way to do away with hacking / exploits. Until then, kiss my hairy stinkditch multiplayer games.



Congratulations, you just alienated half the internet (and been lovingly embraced by the other half).



this is funny, search for "cataclysm" on maximumpc ... guess the single result.



I didn't so much get tired of WoW as I did of MMO's Maxium B.S. In no time at all, in all the MMO's I've tried, you are reduced to PvP & Raids. For both of these you get to choose between guild polictics, assholes, and egomanics, and / or PvP politics, assholes and egomainics, or the same combo only with a P.U.G.

Both of which get old pretty fast, but there is virtually nothing to do in, say, WoW, unless you have a bunch of people on tap AND you have the time to keep them happy AND you are good enough to "earn your keep". I do all that every day and I get paid a significant amount of money for it, but I have no real interest in doing it for free!

Also, just TRY to join a P.U.G., much less a guild, unless you already have pretty much all the uber gear. It's worse then interviewing for a job these days, and just like the job market if you don't already have everything you need you can't get the job, or a loan, where to get one all you need is to NOT need one. 

So, imo, after just a few weeks there is nothing for a person in any MMO unless they have 20+ hours a week to spare. I'm praying that Blizz doesn't actually figure out how to eliminate solo play from D3, but then I also pray my wife will hit Lotto, both of which are about equally likely.



American by Birth, But Southern by the Grace of God.



Lemme guess: World of Starcraft?



i am pretty sure blizzard said it's a new ID. something that's not being seen in blizzard's previous game.

  i am pretty excited for this new MMO. i currently play warhammer online, but i felt the PvE content is lacking.



No, because playing Zerg would suck balls. I mean, what quests/activities would a zergling or hydralisk do?



Not to mention for what will probably be like 20 levels, you will be spending as a Zerg Larvae, BEFORE being able to choose a class.



I agree, I'm one of those people that got tired of WoW.  Actually I'm pretty sick of MMOs altogether.  The main problem is that if you have tons of time then it's fine because you can get all of the good gear.



I don't believe Mr. Sams was actually thinking users choosing one blizzard product over another was cause for concern. Having read the article, I'm under the assumption that he was making a joke.


A lol. A funny. A 'Ha ha.'


The world was ruled by religion, and they call it "The Dark Ages"



Yeah, I think so too.  The wording was really close to "If this is the worst thing that could happen to us..."



I really never understood the fear of one of your products "cannibalizing" another of YOUR products.  I mean, either way you still get the mother fricking money!  It just means you are giving those particular customers more of what they want, which can only be a good thing... right?






People are already getting tired of WoW. I predict a huge shift in population to this new MMO whenver it's released, even if it is a lot different than WoW. In fact, that right there gives people plenty of reason to switch. They are tired of WoW, and don't want to play any of the dozens of WoW clones on the market.

WoW is good, but it's not going to last forever.



I actualy predict a huge shift for  Star War: The Old Republic. I quit WoW when i heard about it, and it's gonna be great. Then this new MMO will split that community in half or so.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



agreed .wow is ok its not as great as some players make it out to be. i play 3 mmos atm. age of conan , city of heroes an everquest1.tired war for while went to wow an back to age of conan. aoc is casual friendly but bit more adult. eq1 is grind but has tons of content. an city of heores has tons of posiblities character an content.

wow has raids an pvp.meh an a comunity thats not for me i belive.

swtor looks good has posibities to draw people from wow. but id guess its a star craft mmo bliz is working on .

either way popularity doesnt mean you will get your money worth .

"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)

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