BlackBerry Users Fleeing, Says Gadget Buyer



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Holly Golightly

I love Blackberry, but they are making it hard to want them in the future. What they need to do is get serious with that Playbook. That thing has been incomplete for the longest. I should not have to bridge a tablet to a phone. As for the phones are concerned... All I have to say is "plastic." Cheap, non-biodegradeable plastic. All phones should be made out of some sort of metal. It can be any type metal. Does not have to be Aluminum per se. Design, it seems that they have not changed their design since 2008. Give me the Blackberry Bold 9980 R4 Knight, and we'll talk business! Lastly, apps. Gosh Blackberry App World is so gloomy. They all just need to run Android apps and call it a day.



RIM is the modern version of Lotus.
- Take your existing customers for granted
- Assume new custmers will choose you because you are the market leader
- Don't innovate
- Fail

RIM should have moved away from the centralized server paradigm.
They should have moved to Android or Windows OS. The apps markets are compelling.
They should have developed business focused applications that mimic the best of a centralized server model relating to device management, security and control.



I just upgraded from my BB Bold 9700 to a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7. It wasn't that anything was wrong with my BB and I was unaffected by the outage. BlackBerry's are very good at what they do. It's just that what they do is very limited. And my needs changed. I think if anything I lost faith in BB's management to create phones that keep up with the needs of today's users. I am very impressed with my new phone. The Mango update is fantastic. There is so much built in to the OS that I need very few apps! Maybe the new tag line for the WP7's should be "You don't need an app for that!".



I have to work on our BES server more than I have to touch Android phones.  It's so much simpler to setup email on your phone and less issues with email syncing, calendars, etc.   Like with any Hosted Email, especially Exchange, Blackberries don't play nice.  We are trying to ban BB's completely and if you have one we won't support it.



I hated my Curve so much due to freezing (it would frequently freeze just when I was about to end a call, and would remain connected until I pulled the battery), slowness and the general lack of apps and updates from RIM, that I had it disconnected and instead activated a cheapy LG Rumour phone just to ride out my contract. After I had it disconnected I continued to use it as an MP3 player until even that stopped working. This past Saturday I took it to the rifle range and ventilated it with my .30-06. This isn't the first time I vented my spleen on an inanimate object at the range - last year it was a headlight assembly from a Mercedes C230 Kompressor that gave me a hard time replacing it. Don't piss me off when deer season is approaching. But I digress...

I'll be going Android when the contract has expired. I might even go *gasp* Apple, merely for the apps. One thing is certain - RIM will never see my money again.


Side note: I see that the word verification thingy that makes posting a pain for legit users is working wonderfully for the spammers. Just like DRM, it inconveniences normal people while at the same time not doing what it is intended to do...


Peanut Fox

Maybe we take the captcha to the range? 




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