BlackBerry Storm 3 Spy Shot Leaks?



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Blackberries are the bane of my existence. They are the only phone that doesn't properly support exchange.  Blackberry Enterprise Server doesn't count; I don't want a third-party server that we have to pay for and I don't want to have to create an account that has access to every mailbox for it to work. I want native support via ActiveSync.

The iPhone natively supports Exchange.  Windows Mobile of course natively supports Exchange. Android natively supports Exchange. The Palm Pre natively supports Exchange.

To make matters worse, the Blackberry doesn't even work properly with Exchange IMAP (which I suspect is intentional so that you are forced to buy BES). It's always a crap shoot when someone brings in a Blackberry as to whether it will work or not.

It's gotten to the point where I'm getting ready to ban them entirely from my network.



I have previously owned a Curve and a Tour and loved them both, but both seem rather archaic compared to the HTC Evo 4G. It took my Tour approximately 13 minutes from the time I pressed the power button to the point where I could actually do anything with my phone. That's just inexplicable and unacceptable. I have never timed how long it takes my Evo to boot, but I'm relatively certain it has never taken more than 90 seconds. The only thing I thought either of my BlackBerries did better than my Evo was sync e-mail accounts. I never missed an e-mail from my hotmail, gmail or student e-mail accounts with my Tour. I don't even bother linking my hotmail account to my Evo anymore because I don't get notifications when e-mails come in like I do with gmail.



Agreed--my admittedly ancient Storm (version 1.0, there!) boots up in the time my ancient virus-ridden, spamware-choked PIII became.  If my life depended on swapping a battery just so I could make a phone call, I'd be a dead man.  RIM's biggest hurdle is that it is not a computer company, and it shows with the sluggish, rather imitative interfaces it uses.

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