BlackBerry PlayBook Reviews Are In, Software Still Needs Work



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Eva Grainy

All these contemporary gadgets come as a wonderful aid for the modern man. But then again, there has been built a halo around them according to which we all relate to a higher step of performance. As far as the reviews are concerned, there is more than a file extension software system to it. It takes the most refined technological tools to build these little machines of the future. Software, related to this topic, appears as a masterpiece statue of technology always in need for redefining lines.



now that apple has won the spec war this year dominating every tablet in specs and in user interface... nobody flaunts their awesome tegra 2's and apple gets no credit other than the few ppl that read a lo of tablet news and have seen the benchmarks that pwned the Tegra 2 on the xoom. Playbook may you rest in peace.RIP



I hope this takes off, at least here in Canada where Blackberrys are very popular. Because I'd like to see it live to see the next version.

I'm not overly interested, but it sounds like most of these new tablets coming out need another cycle before they can become true competition to Apple, and we all need that desperatly before they become better devices.



I've spent over $100 on iOS apps and so have many others. We are as likely to switch platforms as people like my self that use Windows on the desktop... The app investment is there for both platforms and that's where I'm staying. Not switching to the Johnny come lately platform!

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