BlackBerry PlayBook Goes on Sale, Tablet Price War to Follow?



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HP just announced another limited production run of HP Touchpads will be available at the low price points by the end of October so this sale may be a hedge against that.


Holly Golightly

Wow, what a super deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let my boyfriend know about this amazing offer for sure!!!!!!! This is the tablet of my dreams of course.

The PlayBook is not a bad buy. Actually, it is Flash-Ready... Unlike the iPad. Not to mention, it renders websites the fastest. I like it, and I think the is the best discount indeed.

64GB model all the way!!!!!!!



"Fire sale"? More like a reality check. Really all these tablets including the iPad are way over priced to begin with. However since plenty of people will buy them regardless....



I agree.  No matter how muchg a tablet can do it'll still always do less than an actual laptop, so why do they cost more than most laptops?  The only real benefit of a tablet IMO is more portability but it's not woth the price they're asking.  They'd have to be priced in the $99-$199 range before I'd think about buying one. 

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