BlackBerry 10 Will Fail and Samsung Should Buy Research In Motion, Analysts Say



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apparently this analyst AND MaxPC have both forgotten SamSung's announcement in late 2010 or early 2011 about open-sourcing their internal future OS project, Bada by version 2.1 or something, an announcement which was reported here as I recall... also there's open-sourced webOS, canonical's push to get Ubuntu on everything and some of android's forked Linux kernel changes being merged back into the larger Linux kernel effort...though I do find the idea of QNX finally becoming a successful competitor to iOS' proprietary BSD++Debian disaster very interesting



RIM should focus on marketing their phones with business apps, like collaboration tools and remote control systems. than they could turn the black berry into the phone you want to buy if you are a business professional. I would buy a device like that all business apps that let you do more work faster on the go by default. They are prob to far gone by now though.



I agree with ashinms, this guy is making predictions about which OS is better when they haven't been released yet.

The fact is that iOS 6 seems to be more of the same of what they currently have and the Blackberry Dev Alpha units are not finished products so you cant directly compare them. When BB10 launches iOS will be the oldest of the OS platforms on the market.

Straegen the reason people are advocating another competitor in the two "legged race" between iOS and Android is because there's actually a large segment of people that don't like iOS or Android (I'm sure in the long run carriers wouldn't be crazy about this duopoly either.) I'm one of them. I've tried Android, I simply don't like it, to me it feels like an unfinished, unpolished product. And as a corporate IT professional I've come to appreciate security and iOS and Android simply cant provide that. (I'm not bashing either, I'm just pointing out what I like and is important to me.) I've tried iOS as well, I like it better than Android but it's still not my first choice.

Theres room for a third or fourth competitor in the market. You don't have to be the biggest one to be successful and ultimately we as consumers benefit from more competition among companies.

RIM is not going to die, they are a cash positive company and have no debt. They are in trouble though and do need to be successful with BB10. Ultimately they may exist in a different form but they wont die as some of you are hoping for.



Wait, they are still making BB's? lol... I kid. But seriously, who wants a BlackBerry nowadays when you can have an Android or iPhone.



So #1 on the list is 'ride the gravy train' and the item #6 on this list is buy a failing company.

How on God's green earth is #6 a better option than #1?

If Samsung needs to make some sort of splash in the software world, they should do two things:

1. Tier their phone names so you know what is a low power phone, a mid level phone, and a high power bells and whistle phone.

2. Make sure that each tier has a targetted version of Android and get those new releases compiled and pushed to those phones.

The biggest complaint we hear in the Android world is fragmentation and cell phone carriers running roughshod over the whole ecosystem. Samsung should step up and work to fix that. That will give them the recognition they deserve and they won't have to waste billions of dollars on acquiring and fixing BlackBerry, which no one associates with anything but "work email phone."



Why purchase RIM? They have nothing to offer. That's why they are failing as a company nowadays. You don't pick up dead weight. Unless it's for their patents. But what do they have that anyone else wants?



Horrible idea along the lines of HP buying Palm only much worse. Why would a company that is going gangbusters on Android trade all that in for an underdeveloped turd? Also what idiot thinks iOS today is actually ahead of JB in terms of OS power? BB10 is unproven and I do not believe it will be near the OS as JB, ICS, iOS or WinMo8.

I cannot believe anyone who knows anything about the market space would be advocating another mobile OS entry in what is currently a two legged race (iOS and Android) with another major player entering the market (Microsoft). It likely would be suicide for a company to try and compete against better funded, more advanced, high end content providers that essentially give away their OS.



You seem to be an unnecessarily angry person.



Are you his therapist?



As long as they dont disrupt their android phone business, i didnt buy a galaxy note because its made by samsung, i bought it despite it being made by samsung. if they buy out rim they'd need to continue what rim has been doing up to now and it is to cater to the businesses who dont want a do it all portable game device in the form of a phone. what they need is a phone with a lot of security and a small screen that wouldnt attract angry birds that will distract employees from their job.



Businesses want secured communication but execs want iPhones and people do not want to carry two phones. RIM should have developed secure applications that allow businesses to segment their communication network on other peoples "game phones". Switching themselves to secured business technology and away from hardware would have been a very smart choice for them but I think it is too late now.



What would Samsung gain by buying Blackberry?



Buy RIM (I'm sure stockholders would be happy) and work on both Android and BB OSes focusing on cross compatibility or at least to coexist and work well together. Samsung has the potential to take BB into a new era given their hardware design expertise something RIM has for the most part lacked at.



Just die already, RIM...

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