Black Ops Smashes Modern Warfare 2's Record, Becomes “Biggest Entertainment Launch of All Time”



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And too green.



Well, can't say that I'm a fan of the CoD series in general. I own MW2, but that's about it. I poked around with black ops at a local eb games and I can't say that I'm too impressed... Good graphics, but gameplay and weapons mechanics need a little more tweaking.

I haven't tried the online play, but I can surmise the mechanics are gonna be the same thing, even with real human players. Also, I'm not in the mood to be yelled at by 13 year-olds who can't be good sport about getting killed by an honest pistol shot at close range... god people can't seem to acknowledge a good shot these days.

I always give props to the guys who can pull off great shots that manage to get me in the most bizarre of ways.



Battlefield FTW






They 2nd and this one will be borning and nothing out of obvious.  The only reason they make money is because of Xbox NOOBS who buy it because its the cool game.  I won't buy it.  Guess I'll just wait for Portal 2. 



My PC needs upgrades to run it and also I am in a rural area and am only able to get 3G for broadband and have to wait for 4G to come to my area.

My PC only has a AMD Athlon X2 4200+ clocked at 2.21Ghz



why are all you people saying "this game is crap" "i hate this game"

but you haven't said WHATS wrong with it....from what i've seen (i don't own the game) and from what i've heard from my friends (that do have the game) it's great



The single player is awesome, and so is the multiplayer. Not sure why people are complaining?



This game is an over-priced steaming pile of digital shit. Sure, it looks great. But, it is not worth 60$ and all you idiots that shelled out the greenbacks for it do nothing but perpetuate the problem of over-priced shitty games.



We have all been raped in COD

We have all ben raped by Capitalism

This Game is Awesome! (someone pass me the lube)



Though both have developed editions in the CoD line, history shows IW's productions provide a superior gameplay experience of Treyarch.  Yeah Infinity Ward!



My little brother just got this, and it's the exact same CoD arcade shooter BS, with an overly bombastic storyline, same ridiculously easy multiplayer full of dropshotting noobs and noobtubers, and general all around crap.

Oh, and Bobby Kotick is a massive dick, 'nuff said.  Activision pretty much sucks too.

And of course, PC gamers get shafted once again with an extremely poorly optimized game that couldn't even run properly on high-end PCs.  It's pathetic that game companies these days can get away with releasing unfinished games like this, then releasing critical patches later.  Make the damn game properly, TEST it to make sure it WORKS, and THEN release it.  "But ZOMG, we must has our moneyz NOW!!"  Thanks, Activision, but I'll just stick with Valve.  They actually know how to treat their customers right.



/end rage



I'm really hoping that Crytek follows through with making another Timesplitters game. You say that you are tired of the same old war shooter. I am too. I cant wait to see what happens over at Crytek UK.


Fecal Face

Could say the same for Fallout: New Vegas, it was full of bugs/problems on release.

When I first installed FO:NV, there was so much stuttering and poor performance issues that I literally could not play. I had to quit, and search around on the internet for a while before I could find a fix. There were 2-3 different fixed I downloaded, only after using them all did the game become semi-playable. There was still stuttering, but not as bad.

Only now are they releasing fixes / patches, after I've already finished the game. Maybe the next time they release a game they'll test it a little more; Maybe the fact that there were 3 "stutter fix" / "performance fix" mods available for download a few days after the game's release will make them realize that. It may not entirely be the develepor's fault though, I do put most of the blame on that stupid engine they keep bringing back, the one TES:IV used. For me that engine has always been slow, bad-looking, and in need of community-made fixes.

I know, what I said isn't really related to CoD, but I feel the same frustration when games are released buggy / requiring patches. COMMUNTIY-MADE patches, in FO:NV's case. WTF.



I wonder how long they can keep up with this before if falters. That or Activision's just going to continue shafting the developer when they falter so the Call of Duty brand can remain a billion dollar one and laugh at everyone else's face.

But yeah, why did Activision have to be the owner of this brand when all they care about is $$? :\



Worst game ever.



My son loved MW2, (I can't stand CoD anything), and preordered black ops based on his love of MW2. He is a little disappointed with the game play of black ops.



Metacritic has it at a 3.4/10 with 190 reviews... 



I haven't played it yet and so have no idea whether it's a good game or not, but Metacritic has it at 87, with Xbox and PS3 versions a couple points higher at 89. 



It's the user ratings that are 3.4 out of 10



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umm.. what?





Something tells me these links are for making money.



cool story bro



Woohoo! Wow, great, yea.. =/ Treyarch and all of the Call of Duty fans expected this was gonna be the greatest game of the year. Until we played it..  Treyarch, honestly, doesnt deserve the praise for this game. Infinity Ward does. You honestly cant compare the good job IW did on MW2 to Black Ops. Treyarchs whole plan was to get the game done as cheap as possible, knowing  that that revenue was gonna crawl into their hands.. Treyarch disappointed me, BIG TIME!



Hopefully people knew the difference between Infinity Award and Treyarch when they invested their money. Only because its called Call of Duty does not mean there all the same. It all comes down to the developer. Being so treyarch has failed to impress me with their weapon shooting system but little or no effort was put into to improve from their previous installments. Pathetic! This is the very reason torrents exist. You might argue treyarch has some cool ideas but when you can't enjoy the feeling when shooting a gun in the game whats the good use of it; in other words it feels cheap. I guess where they succeeded was in marketing but quality always beats quantity. This game feels more like a rating between 6-7 on a scale 1 through 10 but not a 9 according to gamespot.



Thats why torrents exist?

So you can play games you think are pathetic?




yeah...ummm...i've been playing call of duty since the first one. considering that two developer teams have tackled this game and both managed to keep it epic up to this point...well...i say bravo. one last's INFINITY WARD* NOT Infinity Award*. sure there are things that could be better as with any game...but lets be of duty has been action packed and super epic ever since it's first release. For instance, I didn't like the dogs in Modern Warfare (the first one MW), didn't make it a terrible game. If you play on console...then the mechanics are def harder to master, but maybe...just maybe it's not the shooting mechanics that are the problem. 

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