Black Friday Comes Early at Walmart - $100 Xbox 360 Deal Confirmed



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yeah im just gonna wait....its inferier hardware...and is not very utilitarian.....  i'd have to buy another hard drive...and still couldn't play blue ray... hopefully PS jumps on the discount ban waggon








Im sooooo getting one! Ive already got an xbox but I need another just in case I get console banned anytime soon Lol. Maybe Ill just buy it and sell it on the internet XD



is this a good deal?! i do not own a next gen console (big pc gamer)...but 100 bucks (assuming i want to buy 100 dollars of stuff from walmart) seems like a good deal.  I am big on function/ utility. example: i spend extra money on good componants and things that will last (AMD2+ board...can plug in the latest am3 chip)(but really don't want to discuss AMD/INTEL here)) If i were to choose i'd rather have the PS3 for 100 bucks cause i also dont have a blue ray player.  How does the 360 compare? should i just wait and buy PS3 or should i wait for next next gen and stick with pc upgrade path?... $100 bucks is pretty cheap...thoughts?




Wow, go back to reading comprehension buddy.

While you're at it, also take a look at the PRODUCT PAGE @ -- --- where it clearly states you get a $100 gift card with the purchase of the system.

 Learn to read, and know what you're talking about before you pop off at the mouth. Idiot.



Here is the link to the item:


Read the TITLE! :S  If you still don't get that the

eCard comes with the $200 Xbox purchase, then

go to the specifications and read...


"Includes a Bonus* $100 eGift Card"


Seems like everyone is talking without going to the actual page.



Look at the Ad. It basically says $200 X-box with $100 gift card.

As in, free burger WITH drink purchase. It's an if-then deal.

The $200 X-box is the deal you get WITH the purchase of a $100 gift card. You are spending $300 total.

I think the original author of this piece did not understand what this ad was saying at all.

I can understand the gramatical and spellling errors in MaxPC articles, but this is really a new low.

Can we at least LOOK at the ad before writing a column about it?



Oh man, I love you guys.


(polo w/ bugmenot account)


drew and not u

Ahhh, Screwball is back! I was wondering how long it'd take him to come back trolling again.



Indeed- looks like I was completely wrong on this one. Admittedly, I didn't follow the link - and thus my mistake. Sorry about that.

On an unrelated note - I have no idea why you are calling me a screwball, other than to be malicious. 

Perhaps you should educate us all on the advantages of the ad hominem attack. 



Well mike, the advantage of the ad hominem attack in this case was that others had already pointed out the error yet there was no admission.  I don't think I have to educate you on an ad hominem attack since you very cleverly disquised and generalized such an attack in the middle of one of your responses.

It does take responsibility and a bit of humility to admit a mistake and that is much appreciated.  All too often we see people unwilling to admit a mistake just to save face.  Since the reason of others did not seem to get through to you, I resorted to a different tactic in order to try to get your attention. And btw, I truly did not expect such a response from you. So, thank you and kudos.



In attempting to call out someone else's mistake, you expose your lack of reading comprehension and stupidity. 

"Includes a Bonus* $100 eGift Card

*One (1) per customer, limited time offer while supplies last, online only gift card."




Look again. Considering the Xbox 360 Arcade normally sells for $199 and $100 gift cards sell for, well, $100, it wouldn't be much of an in-store special to sell the two for $300, or regular price.

Product page here:

"Xbox 360 Arcade Console w/ Bonus* $100 eGift Card (Available for $199 in stores starting 11/7/2009. While Supplies last)"

-Paul Lilly 



Is the XBox360 worth $100 considering all the quality problems?



K, that's been overwith for about 2 years now?...

 Then again I have an Elite so I can't complain.




The quality problems are "supposed" to be fixed. My old system 1st gen had RROD two times.



I think you still have to shell out 200 bones for the 360.



you will have to shell out another 100 for the gift card too.



JuanSolid - Go back and look at the ad. You're quite mistaken. Granted, it's worded in a tricky way, but you mis-read the ad.



And that someone is Atomike...

It's one thing to try to correct a misunderstanding.  It's also plausible that someone could come here and repeat ignorant and wrong statements, not once but twice.  But he comes in here, makes the ignorant statements (TWICE), and adds insults (grammar and spelling? and "this is a new low").  This type of screwballl is what we often refer to as a douche.


srv is god

 People are not looking at the ad.  It specifically states that you spend $199 on an xbox and get a FREE $100 gift card.  How can this be misread?  If you think about this, it is a great deal.  You can then use the $100 to buy games or accessories or other walmart stuff.  So, to eliminate confusion, it ends up being just like you bought an xbox 360 for $99.  That is where people may be misunderstanding some of this.  That may have been stated, then someone steps in and confuses the issue even further.  So, yes this is a smokin' deal.

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