BitTorrent Mixes File Sharing And Social Media With uTorrent 3.0



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Its not copy right infringement, its been thrown out of court 2x.



I have to agree, utorrent is not exactly the place were people are looking to publically go out and say things like " dude, did you see that latest copy of (insert movie in theater name here)? It sucked, just saved myself $9", so the whole chat thing and social media may not be that big of a thing here.





Is there a linux version of utorrent now? I tried to set up an automatic torrent downloader on my ubuntu home server a while ago, but only tried r-torrent (I think). Got it working which was nice; drop a .torrent file in a network folder, and download starts to the server. Except it was about 10-100x slower than utorrent over the same line! 



Can't say about the new version, but older versions run under Wine.

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