BitTorrent Announces P2P-Based File-Sharing App



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I don't like grammer police because I farm the comments for additional insight.  I don't want to read a bunch of post with people argueing grammer or spelling when I didn't even notice it in the first place.

I'm going to download this program and find out for myself becuase it seems to be exactly what I am looking for.  File size limits and cyber locker cost aren't appealing to me.



I find this concept very interesting. It takes the concept of "cloud" computing and adds a twist, a welcome one in my opinion.

The problem I've always seen with the "cloud" is the fact that you give up a lot of control over your data. The site/s storing your data could have more control over it then you do. Plus if they ever have server problems or simply cease to exsist there is the very real possiblity of you losing either access to you data, or your data all together.

While this new concept of "cloud" storage addresses some of the short comings of current storage it does have a couple of potential problems of it's own.

First off, how many users storing will be considered enough to safe guard the data. With all the current rhetoric by ISPs about how they have to have ways (charging more money) to deal with high bandwidth users, having a program that is constantly using some of your bandwidth might be less enticing. So I can see a time where, if the big ISPs get their way, disabling always connected programs might be a way of saving bandwidth for only what a user wants to use it on. And there goes the safety net of distributed file storage if too many of the users storing your data decide to disable the program when not using it themselves.

Secondly how will the data be stored on user's systems, and what type of encryption will be used. If some users will have a complete versions of a file, say as seeders, how hard will it be to access the files they have stored? I'm sure very few files "cloud" stored are of a sensitive nature. But still the idea that someone might be able to see and use my data isn't comforting in the least. As well if there's very few seeders, I'm sure some smart hacker could devise a way to search for different portions of a file and then download the portions to create a functioning file. So the only two things that could save this from that sort of abuse is the sheer volume of files stored and how hard the files are to decrypt.

While I might not jump in feet first, this does have the potential of being my choice for online file storage. I'll just need to keep an eye on it for awhile first to see it there's any problems. And that might be it's undoing too many cautious users waiting till they think it's a viable option.



Users don't even have to online?




lol.  Spell-check on aisle 3.



Actually everything there is spelt right.  Now if he was all like "users don't even have to wwebsite like on the internet", then I would be asking questions.

Grammar, that is where the problem lies.



"Grammar, that is where the problem lies."

If I am not mistaken, proper grammer would have been "spelt correctly"

Sincere apologies to Gezzer... xD



I have to say as a mild dyslectic I sometime feel a little offended by the "Grammar Police".

I have a different criteria for online compared to printed media. With printed media I think the long lead times envolved means there is no excuse for bad grammar, spelling, and what have you. With online the time frame is compressed, so as long as the idea isn't corrupted by the poor grammar or writing style I'll let it slide.

I think my margin for excepting poor grammar hovers around the level of the posts on Fudzilla's site. While I understand some of the posters do not have english as their primary language, sometimes a post can be very difficult to decypher. In comparison MaxPC posters offenses are very mild.

I swear sometimes I can hear Cheap Trick's song Dream Police in my head when I read "grammar" posts, with of course dream replaced with grammar. lol

I should add I'm not posting to flame, just give my opinion of the subject, so please don't take any offence.



I agree.  My post was more tongue-in-cheek anyways.  When you are pumping out articles every hour or less, mistakes like this are understandable and forgivable.

"Spelt right" and "Spelt correctly" are both acceptable, as in this context, right and correct mean the same thing.  However, you did spell grammAr wrong there slugs (which is actually quite ironic based on how your sentence reads)  =P



I dunno, I would think if your job is to write you'd spend more time proof reading what you read or have someone else do it. I guess online articles aren't that important?

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