BitFenix Rolls Out a Pair of Fan Controllers



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This looks a helluva lot like NZXT's fan controllers: Sentry 2, Sentry Mesh and/or Sentry Mix.



You know, I've never really had an issue with heat to the point of needing that many extra fans for more cooling, and a controller to manage them. These are definitely neat little addons and look slick, so I wouldn't mind putting on in my HAF932, but my mobo manages my fans just fine. How frequently is it that people actually 'need' these? What level of specs require that much cooling? I guess sli/crossfire and 16+gb ram might, not sure though.



I've found them to be good for long renders or CPU testing. Before I had a fan controller, I had to turn the display on just to check on the temps and fan speed. My controller will also beep loudly (enough to wake me up) if a fan drops to zero rpm, indicating a fan failure before it has the potential to become catastrophic. It really doesn't give accurate chip temps, but the temp sensors on the controller are acceptable as ambient sensors, giving a fair idea of how hot components are getting. The best part is I don't need the monitor on... the computer just sits there on its own doing its thing, and I can still get that info at a glance. I guess the only issue is if the fan controller itself fails. In that case, I'm utterly screwed.


Peanut Fox

I find them more convenient. I've got a big case with a total of 17 fans. I idle my fans down low enough where I can't hear them unless I'm gaming with headphones on, or am doing benching. Most of my fans are on radiators, but a few are case fans. The only reason I don't use the motherboard headers instead is I'm not crazy about the software options, and I like to be able to adjust them on the fly while in game without having to tab out of the game first. I also don't have a bunch of wires shooting out my motherboard.

I doubt that most people would want them today unless they just like the way they look.

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