BitFenix Outlaw Rides into Town with a $49 Price on Its Head



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Now this is a case that would be perfect for me.  I hate how my CPU power cable sits up against my video card (which probably causes some ineffecient airflow).  I'd probably get even better GPU temps than what I'm getting currently if I had this case (in spite of the East Bay weather).



since you guys are so wary of cases in the sub $100 market, you're missing out on some that might be pretty good ones.  This Outlaw chassis is jut one example.  Don't judge a book by it's cover and don't judge a case by it's price, sometimes you'll find a diamond in the rough.   (an example is the prototype Cosmos chassis used for the DM2011 build.  I'm sorry but that's one ugly case on the outside.  Wonderful internals though.  I would've gone with the Corsair Obsidian 800D full tower in regards of a nice full tower from the same manufactuerer, but that's just my opinion. Though I did enjoy the mag and the spec and build inside it. Great work guys, keep it up!



Judging by the one picture, it looks plain, but I am intrigued at how the motherboard tray is flipped.  Are there any images of the inside?  



Hit the photo gallery link on the product page found here.

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